Robert Verdi Spends Some Quality Time With Sculptz Models

by Chiara Atik · November 4, 2009

    [All photos by PATRICK McMULLAN for PMc]. Yesterday, Sculptz, a new brand of shapewear (why do shapewear companies refuse to end in an "s"? SpanX? SculptZ?) debuted at the The Glasshouses. Robert Verdi officiated over the entire thing, and used the opportunity to ham it up with the Sculptz models.


    According to the website, "Sculptz shapes you without making you feel like a sausage." Awesome! The main advantage, however, to Sculptz is that they come in different, vibrant colors, as modeled by the ladies below...

    Robert Verdi, Allyn Magrino, Susan Magrino Dunning, Jim Dunning

    Dana-Maxx Pomerantz, Vladimir Pierre-Louis  Jamie Caro, Amanda Bird

    Jim Dunning, Susan Magrino Dunning, Rachel Millner

    Amanda Bird, Susan Godfrey, Robert Verdi, Jean Vernor (President & CEO of Sculptz), Dierdre Mistri

    Uh, lady, I don't mean to alarm you, but your Sculptz are showing...