SCOPE Opening Night VIP Party At The Standard

by Chiara Atik · March 4, 2010

    Last night, People's Revolution hosted an opening night VIP party for the Scope Art Show, which runs in New York from March 3-March 7 before heading on to Basel, The Hamptons, London and Miami. The party was one of the first events held at The Standard's Highline Room on the Third Floor. What, did you think the Standard had revealed ALL of its secret rooms already? Not quite...--

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    The Standard Hotel is sort of like Hogwarts or something; just when you think you know every nook in cranny, you get an invitation directing you to a new room, new floor, new side of the multi-faceted hotel. The space, with its dark wood paneled walls, lent a very "hipster log cabin" feel to the event...if the log cabin is located in Gstaad.

    The crowd was full of downtown art-types and Scope Exhibitors. Also peppered throughout the attendees where People's Revolution Staff members, including Emily "If you pop that gum one more time..." Bungert and Stefanie Skinner, who is probably the most likeable person on "Kell On Earth", though Kelly herself is of course my favorite.

    very hipster log cabin