Summer Sex Night "In The Flesh Reading Series"

by CHLOE POST · August 20, 2010

    Guests came out to enjoy the perfect "happy ending" last night at the "In The Flesh" Reading Series. The Erotic Reading Series is held the third Thursday of every month at (the very appropriate) Happy Ending Lounge... And as if the evening wasn't steamy enough it was also Summer Sex/Sex On The Beach Night! Ready to get hot and bothered?--

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    Some of the city's best erotic writers came out to share their steamy stories last night. The story-tellers included fiction writers, romance novelists, documentarians, strictly erotica, poetry and more! The event was curated by erotic writer/editory Rachel Kramer Bussel; (Fast girls, Spanked, Dirty Girls, etc.) Theme nights in the past included True Sex Confessions, GLBT Night, Comedy Sex. The event also provided a mass amount of free cupcakes. Because honestly what better way to spend a Thursday night than listening to some sweltering stories while munching on melt-in-your mouth treats?