Ted Allen Hosts GMHC's "Savor" Fundraiser

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 9, 2010

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    Last night, Food Network's Ted Allen hosted the annual GMHC [Gay Men's Health Crisis] fundraiser at Gotham Hall.

    Allen, most known for his role on the show, Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, joined LGBT supporters Bronson Van Wyck, Tim Gill, and Evan Wolfson last night for the third-annual, gastronomic GMHC fundraiser.

    GMHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. The organization's goals are to: promote education, increase awareness, improve care, reduce stigma, elevate policy and build strong, supportive communities.

    The fundraiser, held at Gotham Hall, was an entire "culinary experience" for its guests. Highlights of the night included savory cocktails, a decadent four-course meal, and Passing the Whisk--a culinary relay featuring the judges from the Food Network's Chopped, a series featuring the host of the night, Ted Allen.

    Featured chefs of the night included Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Santos and Geoffrey Zakarian.

    The packed fundraiser, held in honor of GMHC supporters Yvette Burton and Ted Snowdon, was a night of success. We can only hope that the money raised will be enough to help some of those suffering from HIV and AIDS.

    Photos below from PMc by Nick Hunt:

    Geoffrey Zakarian, Yvette Burton, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Ted Allen, Ted Snowdon, Marjorie Hill, Amanda Freitag, Aaron Sanchez

    Leah Zamkow, Lori MorrisTed Allen Leah Zamkow, Lori Morris Tedd Allen

    Bronson Van Wyck, Andrew Fry Bronson Van Wyck, Andrew Fry

    Evan Wolfson Evan Wolfson

    Ted SnowdonChris Spitzmiller Ted Snowdon                                           Chris Spitzmiller

    Pastry chef sponsor, TD Bank, sit around a heavily drink filled table at the fundraiser.

    TD Bank Table Shot TD Bank Table

    Emma Snowdon-Jones, Bill McCarthyMarjorie Hill Emma Snowdon-Jones, Bill McCarthy        Marjorie Hill