Ivana Trump And Fe Fendi Attend "America Dances" Jubilee

by MEGHANN MADIGAN · November 3, 2009

    Michelle Herbert, Dennis Basso [All photos by NICK HUNT for PMc]. The Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Hotel was the perfect venue for the Career Transitions for Dancers 24th Annual Gala. Both dressed in brilliant blue, Ivana Trump and Fe Fendi looked on as the newly named Rolex CEO Allen Brill presented Patrick Swayze's wife Lisa Niemi Swayze with an award.

    Dance stars Caitlin Carter, Jock Soto, and John Selya were also present to show their support for the foundation and its commitment to help dancers "begin the process of defining viable career possibilities."  It is an unfortunate truth that most professional dancers spend almost their entire lives training only to have their prime dancing days be over by the time they turn 30. Finding a job in the real world can be a tough transition for a dancer once they retire from dancing. After all, there typically isn't space for "performs amazing pirouettes" on a high-powered resume. Thanks to Career Transitions, the dancers of yesteryear are supported by those still Center Stage today!

    Allen Brill, Lisa Niemi Swayze Allen Brill, Lisa Niemi Swayze

    Richard Soloway, Ivana Trump Richard Soloway, Ivana Trump

    Fe Fendi John Selya Fe Fendi, John Selya

    Gale Conran, Emma Potter, Nora Dean, Megan Potter Caitlin Carter, David Gibson Gale Conran, Emma Potter, Nora Dean, Megan Potter, Caitlin Carter, David Gibson

    Brian Stokes Michell, Allison TuckerJanice Becker, Cynthia Fisher, Ann Van Ness Brian Stokes Michell, Allison Tucker, Janice Becker, Cynthia Fisher, Ann Van Ness

    Ashley Bauder Jock Soto, Anka Palitz Ashley Bauder, Jock Soto, Anka Palitz