The Accompanied Literary Society Sells The Sixties

by Chiara Atik · December 9, 2009

    Brooke Geahan and The Accompanied Literary Society threw a party at The Standard Hotel last night, with guests of honor Gay Talese and George Lois, who just might be the original Don Draper...Lois' book, "Covering The 60s", is an impressive collection of his Esquire covers from the 1960s. The Accompanied Literary Society supports literature through book launches, readings, film screenings, and intimate salons. Past hosts have included Jonathan Ames, Graydon Carter, E.L. Doctrow, Jhumpa Lahiri, and, frustratingly for MA students everywhere, James Franco.

    [All photos by Will Ragozzinofor PMc].

    Gay Talese                                     Brooke Geahan, James Sanders

    Katharine O'Brien, Drazen Bosnjak, Summer Rej, Jacqueline Bosnjak

    Zack Rice, Roberta Manetta              Summer Rej, Sean Glass, Katharine O'Brien

    Sean Stevens, David Chines George Lois, James Sanders       Sean Stevens, David Chines

    Greg Thomaier, Rachel Meakins Brooke Geahan, James Surowiecki

    Derya Zhuk, Lily Idov, Michael Idov

    Joel Fitzpatrick, Katharine O'Brien Jacqueline Bosnjak, Mark Depace, Zack Rice