The Frisky Celebrates Milestone With Tequila At 1Oak

by ERIC UGLAND · November 12, 2009

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    When you hit a big milestone or a goal, it's a good time to celebrate. Last night, The Frisky threw open the doors of notoriously exclusive 1Oak to their closest friends and frenemies.

    Starting at a very civilized six, the party swirled throughout the dimly lit luxury of 1Oak, who provided the exquisite service they're known for. Most of the occasions I've visited 1Oak, the place has been packed with celebs and star seekers, and while Jay-Z didn't show up (I don't think he was on the list), there was plenty of eyecandy strutting about in a frenetic flurry of flirtation, assiduously helped along by the open bar. The bar came up with two signature cocktails for The Frisky, and the orange and jalapeño tequila combination knocked the feet out from under quite a few of the beautifully dressed bloggers and bloggerettes.

    The party was thrown to celebrate achieving the impressive milestone of over two million unique visitors a month to their website: the

    Congratulations Mina, Amelia, and the others over at The Frisky and thanks for the drinks.

    Eric Ugland