The Supper Club Breaks The Ice At Polar Lounge

by Chiara Atik · February 22, 2010

    Friday night, The Supper Club New York hosted a sneak peak at The Polar Lounge, the new ice-cap themed bar at Hotel Marcel in Gramercy with the private "ice caves" for VIPs.-

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    The invitation said "cocktails and canapes', though the cocktails were considerably more abundant than the canapes. The specialty drinks--including, I believe, a grape martini?--were strong and went down well. Designer Tiffany Saidnia previewed her 2010 Tt collection, and people milled around in the relatively small, relatively chic space.

    Whether by accident or by design, the temperature in the Polar Lounge was actually quite chilly, which definitely matched the icy, silver-y decor. The brick walls were painted with a silver veneer, and the tables, which the waitstaff were quick to protect by placing napkins under any stray drinks, looked like blocks of ice themselves. White fur pillows were placed attractively on various seats throughout, and the overall atmosphere was similar to what one would expect from a very upscale igloo. Though the area was small and crowded, it never felt uncomfortable. Definitely a nice spot for a nightcap, especially in summer, when the cooler subterranean temperature and theme might be more of a respite than it is in winter.