Tila Tequila Takes To The Stage At Greenhouse

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 15, 2010

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    Alma Tequila helped Tila Tequila celebrate the launch of her new gossip website, tilatequilaomg.com, at Greenhouse last night. There was a lot of peach satin on display.  It was a confusing evening.-

    Tila hates hates hates gossip, but as a service to the people of the internet, she is launching her own gossip website. Tila's body is so tiny that it is physically impossible for her to make sounds, and yet she makes a lot of sounds. One of those sounds was her new single "I Love My DJ." Presumably, this is the narrative follow-up to "I F*cked The DJ."

    Yes, there were some wardrobe mishaps. And yes, our photog Miss Morton has documentation.

    Certain gentlemen seem to be trying to protect their ladies' ears.

    The drinks and the pyrotechnics seem to have made it all worthwhile.