Twestival 2010: A Twestivus For The Rest Of Us

by Chiara Atik · March 26, 2010

    Last night, Good Units played host to NYC Twestival, an annual event which "uses social media for social good." We think this event is cool because 100% of the profits go directly to projects. Attendees, however, seemed much more taken with the Step and Repeat. Not that we doubt their altruism or anything.

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    Step and Repeats always make for a funny addition to parties that don't have actual, you know, celebrities. This means that the unwashed masses, unused to having the opportunity to get photographed by real photographers in front of promotional backgrounds, tend to go a little overboard.

    This is not the prom, people. Nor is it the moment to have an impromtu photo sesh with your friends, during which you go through endless variations of "ok, now this time, a silly face!" "ok, now, now sexy face!" "now let's look PENSIVE!" "wait was that one cute? No, no, take it again!"

    It's amazing people pried themselves away long enough to attend the actual party, where they enjoyed music, dancing, and enough alcohol to make them nice and loosened up for their second, third, and fourth trips to the Step and Repeat.

    Ah, Twitter. Helping the world one party at a time.