Tykes Play In Sinks For AFNY's Pura Vida Party

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 18, 2010

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    Nothing goes together like art, bathroom fixtures, and cocktails. We're actually not being facetious this time - Judging from the photos of small children lolling in showroom bathtubs and happy adults sipping martinis, it seems that AF New York's opening party for Tasja Keetman's Pura Vida photography exhibit provided something for everyone.

    Ms. Keetman, the lady of the hour, is aMunich-born photographer and 3d artist who currently resides in New York. Her more avant-garde inclinations perhaps matched the disembodied legs in one of AF's luxurious tubs; presumably there's a photo on the editing room floor of the toddlers staring at the severed mannequin limbs and shrieking. Carry on!