Last Night's Parties: 'Catch Me If You Can' Opens, Celebs Hit Family Day At The Opera

by Mara Siegler · April 11, 2011

    Sarah Jessica Parker and family took in a Broadway show, tiny tykes watched Where The Wild Things Are at the NYC Opera, young professionals sprung for a cure, the ACE Junior Committee head to the Crosby Hotel and much more! Find out what happened this weekend.

    Opening Night & After Party for "Catch Me If You Can"

    Where: Neil Simon Theatre, Cipriani's 42nd Street

    Who Was There: Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Frank Abagnale, Charlie Sutton, Joe Aaron Reid, Bob Gaynor, Grasan Kingsbury, Nick Kenkel, Alek Pevec, Kerry Butler, James & Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman, Andy Cohen, Ben Vereen, Deana Martin, Chester Gregory, Chad Kimball

    Other Details: Those who have seen the Leonardo Dicaprio movie are familiar with the story. Sounds like it would be good on stage, but critics haven't loved it. The NYDN says: "The show has wonderful moments, but issues abound. McNally's overstuffed story jockeys unsteadily between hijinks and serious drama. With Frank's story, the FBI agent's story and Frank's girlfriend's family's story, it's just too much." Opening night is still generating good buzz though, thanks to an appearance by Sarah Jessica Parker and family. Women with SATC delusions of New York mimic her every move, so there's a few hundred ticket sales right there.   [Via]

    New York City Opera's 2011 Family Benefit

    Where: David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center

    Who Was There: Helena Grace Rutherford Giersch, Kelly Rutherford, Julie Bernstein, Hunter Gittlin, Raina Seitel-Gittlin, George Steel, Danny Simmons, Rae-Alexander Minter, Claude Arpels, Alex McCord

    Other Details: Celebs came out with the kids to introduce them to the opera. Families got to view a performance of "Where The Wild Things Are" followed by lunch, face-painting, dancing, and a make-your-own sundae bar. Tweeted: @ we were at City Opera Benefit - saw Where the Wild Things Are in concert, then lunch, face painting, balloon swords &ice-cream." According to the WSJ: "The benefit's brochure asked the youngsters a question: "If you wrote an opera, what would it be about?" A reporter's nephew had an answer. Using one of the aforementioned illustrations as a jumping-off point, it would be called "Aliens Rock and Zombies Roll," he said. Aliens come to Earth looking to make it big as musicians, only to find the planet has been taken over by a zombie invasion." Adorable.  [Via]

    Spring for a Cure presented by the Millennial Society of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation [More photos HERE]

    Where: IAC Building

    Who Was There: Alissa Jacob, Tor Hamer, Dr. Samuel Waxman, Melissa Gordon, Camilla Ruth Marcus Siegel, Louisa Roeder, Logan Elsass, Sarah Leming

    Other Details: Young professionals filled Frank Gehry's IAC Building this past Friday for the fifth annual Spring for a Cure benefit hosted by the Millennial Society of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.  Find out more details HERE and check out more pictures from the event HERE.

    2011 ACE Junior Committee's Spring Soiree

    Where: Crosby Street Hotel

    Who Was There: Henry Buhl, Tim Morehouse, Jim Martin, Kate Winter, Lana Smith, Dani Hyland, Juliana Starbucks, Menka Lamba, Rachael Kun

    Other Details: The ACE Junior Committee held their first annual Spring Soiree at the Crosby hotel. Guests drank, mingled, did the usual event stuff, and enjoyed music by DJ Cash.

    THE OPPORTUNITY AGENDA 5TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Honoring Suzane Malveaux and Maria Hinojosa

    Where: The Paley Center for Media

    Who Was There: Timothy Wilkins, Maria Hinojosa, Alan Jenkins, Lisa Quiroz, Suzane Malveaux, Rha Goddess, Henry McGee, Carlos Watson, Favianna Rodriguez

    Other Details: Goldman Sachs Managing Director Carlos Watson hosted this event honoring Anchor Suzanne Malveaux, CNN Anchor and former White House Correspondent Maria Hinojosa, NPR and PBS Anchor and Correspondent.

    Donna Karan's Urban Zen Collections Presentation

    Where: Urban Zen

    Who Was There: Donna Karan, Sally Singer, Stefano Tonchi, Sonia Nasol, Deborra-Lee Furness, Amanda Garcia, Linda Gaunt, Jessica Sailer

    Other Details: Donna Karan showed off her new nature inspired furniture collection at her Urban Zen space, where costumers can shop online in a "future of retail," zen-like environment. According to LilliesandBiscuits, Donna talked about how "The world had changed. Everything is accessible to us - here, today, this minute. Not six months from now."

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