Last Night's Parties: Claire Danes Gets Miscast, Elton John Rocks Induction Ceremony

by Mara Siegler · March 15, 2011

    Claire Danes joined Andy Cohen to watch Broadway stars, Alec Baldwin was serenaded by Bebe Neuwirth and Martha Plimpton, Bruce Springsteen and Bette Midler belted it out,  Sean Penn showed his support to Julian Schnabel and so much more. Find out what happened last night!

    MISCAST 2011: MCC Theater's Annual Musical Spectacular

    Where: The Hammerstein Ballroom

    Who Was There: Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Kathleen Chalfant, Judith Light, Andy Cohen, Eric Bogosian

    Other Details: Host Andy Cohen joined honorary chairs Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, David Duchovny and Téa Leoni for MCC's annual MISCAST Gala. Broadway performers took to the stage! Melissa Leo was honored and didn't cry! Apparently, Bravo's puppet master looked good.  Tweeted: "@ You looked fly tonight at Miscast." If you weren't able to make it you missed Nicole Parker singing "Bring Him Home,"  you can still bid to have lunch with M. Leo or hang with A Cohen. [Via]

    ROUNDABOUT THEATER Company's 2011 Spring Gala Honoring ALEC BALDWIN

    Where: Roseland Ballroom

    Who Was There: Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, Steven Levenson, Walter Bobbie, Richard Easton, Mary-Louise Parker, Karen Ziemba, Jane Krakowski, Bebe Neuwirth, Cheyenne Jackson

    Other Details: Alec Baldwin became part of the Roundabout family in 2004 when he starred with Anne Heche in the Broadway revival of classic comedy Twentieth Century. He has been back on their stage since and stayed a supporter. The event to honor him included cocktails, dinner, ass kissing, laughs and performances by a ton of big names including Jane Krakowski, Bebe Neuwirth, Martha Plimpton, and Cheyenne Jackson. [Via]

    THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Presents the 2011 Induction Ceremony

    Where: Waldorf Astoria

    Who Was There: Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Elton John, John Legend, Bette Midler, Bruce Springsteen, Darlene Love, Dr. John, Judy Collins, Dr.John, Jac Holzman, Art Rupe, Leon Russel, Tom Waits, Neil Diamond

    Other Details: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame welcomed Dr.John, Jac Holzman, Art Rupe, Leon Russel, Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Darlene Love and the Alice Cooper Band into the hallowed halls of the Cleveland museum (which is perpetually empty). But they put on a good awards ceremony. Paul Simon, Bette Midler, Elton John, and John Legend were all on hand to give performances and welcome speeches. Cooper compared the evening to graduation saying, " "I feel like I'm getting a diploma - becoming a real person, you know?" Elton John inducted Leon Russell saying, ""To see him here tonight, it's very emotional for me because this is where he belongs. There is no finer musician out there." [Via]


    Premiere of JULIAN SCHNABEL'S MIRAL hosted by the WEINSTEIN Company[More photos HERE]

    Where: United Nation General Assembly Hall

    Who Was There: Sean Penn, Julian Schnabel, Josh Brolin, Vanessa Redgrave, Willem Dafoe, Robert DeNiro, Steve Buscemi, Zac Posen, Rula Jabreal, Lou Reed, Crystal Renn, Chaz Palminteri, Gianna Palminteri, Paula Zahn, Steve Buscemi, Jo Andres, Harvey Weinstein

    Other Details: Julian Schnabel screened his new film "Miral," based on the autobiographic book and screenplay by his girlfriend Rula Jebreal. It centers on a radicalized 17 year old Palestinian girl and has gotten temperatures rising. The AJC protested the screening and Israel was similarly pissed.

    "We find it very troubling that the U.N. has chosen to feature this film in the GA Hall," Israel's U.N. delegation said in a letter of complaint sent March 11 to Joseph Deiss, the president of the U.N. General Assembly. "We are not aware of any other films with such contentious political content that have received this kind of endorsement from the President of the GA."

    But the screening went ahead and Julian Schnabel and Harvey Weinstein spent the night explaining that this is another side of a story. It's about empathy and finding a way to peace. After the film there was a panel discussion to discuss the conflict. Be sure to take a look at the photos HERE.

    Cindi Leive, Dave Zinczenko & Floyd Abrams Toast Dan Abrams On His New Book, "Man Down"

    Where: Private Residence

    Who Was There: Dan Abrams, Floyd Abrams, Cindi Leive, David Zinczenko, Contessa Brewer, Mary Alice Stephenson, Bill Hemmer

    Other Details: Guests came out last night to celebrate Dan Abrams new book which gives "Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else." Sample chapter title:Women Are Less Likely to Be Struck by Lightning. Good to know.

    LITERACY PARTNERS Evening of Reading Gala Kick-Off Event

    Where: Michael's

    Who Was There: Helen Gurley Brown, Liz Smith, Jackie Rogers, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Alina Cho, Peter Brown, Sherrie Westin, Iris Love, Paula Zahn, Pat Schoenfeld

    Other Details: Literacy Partners Chairman Peter Brown, Gala Chair Liz Smith and Gala honoree Barbara Taylor Bradford hobnobbed with publishing types at this year's event. [Via]

    EUAN RELLIE'S Birthday Dinner Party

    Where: Desmond's Upper East Side

    Who Was There: Selby Drummond, Vanessa von Bismarck, Mickey Boardman, Kristian Laliberte, Euan Rellie, Lucy Sykes, Deborah Sankey, Ann Caruso, Jim Shi

    Other Details: Euan Rellie, investment banker and husband of socialite Lucy Sykes, celebrated a bday last night with fashion types and the social set.

    Lou Reed Kristian Laliberte Zac Posen Mickey Boardman Mary Louise Parker Jackie Rogers Elton John Jane Krakowski Cheyenne Jackson Bruce Springsteen Judith light Julian Schnabel Hugh Dancy Jim Shi Cindi Leive Alice Cooper Claire Danes Roseland Ballroom Mary Alice Stephenson Waldorf Astoria Sean Penn Alec Baldwin Liz Smith Dan Abrams matthew broderick Andy Cohen John Legend Bebe Neuwirth Alina Cho Ann Caruso Crystal Renn Bette Midler Robert DeNiro Steve Buscemi Peter Brown Willem Dafoe Euan Rellie Lucy Sykes Judy Collins Josh Brolin Vanessa von Bismarck Michael's Vanessa Redgrave Bill Hemmer Tom Waits Contessa Brewer Eric Bogosian Darlene Love David Zinczenko "Man Down" Rob Zombie Neil Diamond Selby Drummond Deborah Sankey Desmond's Upper East Side EUAN RELLIE'S Birthday Dinner Party Helen Gurley Brown Barbara Taylor Bradford LITERACY PARTNERS Evening of Reading Gala Kick-Off Event Floyd Abrams Toast Dan Abrams On His New Book Rula Jabreal Chaz Palminteri Gianna Palm Dr. John Dr.John Jac Holzman Art Rupe Leon Russel THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Presents the 2011 Induction Ceremony Steven Levenson Walter Bobbie Richard Easton Karen Ziemba ROUNDABOUT THEATER Company's 2011 Spring Gala Honoring ALEC BALDWIN Kathleen Chalfant The Hammerstein Ballroom MISCAST 2011: MCC Theater's Annual Musical Spectacular