Last Night's Parties: James Franco At IFC, Alec Baldwin At The Philharmonic

by Chiara Atik · September 23, 2010

    What did you do last night? Did you rub elbows with James Franco, go to a book launch, or the season opener of the New York Philharmonic? We did! Read all about last night in New York City...-

    Howl Premiere And After Party

    Where: IFC/Trump SoHo

    Who Was There: James Franco, Bob Balaban, Jack McBrayer, Edward Norton, Gaby Hoffman, Kim Stoltz, Alan Cumming, Chiara Clemente

    Other Details: The party was crowded, but James Franco didn't seem to mind. He spent his evening gamely talking to reporters and posing for pictures, stopping only to give Jack McBrayer a huge hug.

    The New York Philharmonic Season Opening

    Where: Lincoln Center

    Who Was There: Alec Baldwin, Josh Groban, Gillian Miniter

    Other Details: Groban had a blonde date?

    PSIMADETHIS Book Launch Party

    Where: The Royalton

    Who Was There: Andrew Mukamal, Carol Han, Dana Lorenz of Fenton-Fallon, Steven Rojas

    Other Details: Cool, quirky party for a cool, quirky book. We think author Erica Domesek summed it up best: "My Super Sweet Sixteen meets a chic Bat Mitzvah meets a fab book party."

    New York Premiere Of "Waiting For Superman"

    Where: Alice Tulley Hall

    Who Was There: Arianna Huffington, George Stephanopoulos, Elisabeth Shue, John Legend, Geoff Canada

    Other Details: After party was held at the 21 Club.

    Humane Society's Make History Gala

    Where: The Pierre

    Who Was There: Amanda Hearst, Lauren Bush, Sharon Bush, Ashley Bush, Beth Ostrosky Stern, David Lauren, Fabiola Beracasa, Georgina Bloomberg, Paul Sevigny, Kick Kennedy

    Other Details: Proceeds from the gala went directly to stop Puppy Mills.