Last Night's Parties: Katie Holmes Hits Barney's, Zach Galifianakis Hangs With Ted Danson At Le Bain

by Mara Siegler · March 16, 2011

    Tutus abound at the  School of American Winter Ballet Ball, Robert DeNiro hits a performance of Martha Graham Dance Company, Zach Galifianakis rocks a beanie at Le Bain, socialites don masks and more. Find out what happened last night!

    THE SCHOOL OF AMERICAN BALLET Winter Ball 2011 Sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels

    Where: David H. Koch Theater

    Who Was There: Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kelly Rutherford, Rebecca Minkoff, Adam August, Kathryn Currie, Chris Good, Lindsay Robinson, William Yang, Laura Nagy, Alvina Patel, Al Roker, Angelina Leis, Deborah Roberts, Andrea Spiridonakos

    Other Details: Young ballerinas in tutus and sprayed on gray hair ran/pranced around the Winter Ball greeting guests like Kelly Rutherford and Michelle Trachtenberg. The event raised $1 million and WWD was on hand to ask the important questions:  Did you dance as a kid? Michelle said, “I had to train to be a ballerina for 'The Ice Princess.' They made me take ballet lessons. I’m very klutzy in person, and also kind of lazy. I didn’t have the discipline to be a ballerina.”  And there you have it: "The Ice Princess" (in which-smack to the forehead for a day wasted hung over in bed watching this-she uses scientific equations to perform triple axels) paved the way for "Black Swan." Michelle was overlooked for Oscar. Gotta get skinny and break a rib! [Via]

    SAVE VENICE INC. Un Ballo in Maschera [See more photos HERE]

    Where: The Plaza

    Who Was There: Francesco Clemente, Luigi Tadini, Courtney Love, Matthew White, Elizabeth Makrauer, Anne Fitzpatrick Cucchiaro, Steve Cucchiaro, Daniel Benedict, Alex Chantecaille, Alina Cho, Alba Clemente, Amanda Hearst, Alexandra Lind Rose, Dayssi Olart, Ashley McDermott, Adelina Wong Ettelso, Dereck Blasberg

    Other Details: Save Venice held their annual ball last night at the Plaza.  Guests took to the floor outfitted for Carnival to dance to music spun by Mia Moretti before heading to the after-party hosted by Amanda Hearst, Martin Dawson, Dani Stahl, and Luigi Tadini at at Mr. H at the Mondrian Soho. Courtney Love was there! Get more info HERE. Make sure you take a look at more photos HERE.

    MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE COMPANY 85th Anniversary Season Opening Night Gala [More photos HERE]

    Where: Mandarin Oriental

    Who Was There: Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Mikhail Barishnikov, Woody Allen, Rufus Wainwright, Grace Hightower, Somers Farkas, Jonathan Farkas, Robert Wilson, Richard LeFrak, Karen LeFrak,  Ben Schultz, Christine Jowers, Carrie Ellmore Tallitsch, Cassandra Seidenfeld

    Other Details: Socialites Muffie Potter Aston, Somers Farkas, Cornelia Guest, Grace Hightower and Karen LeFrak took the stage to make a cameo in “Maple Leaf Rag” during last night's gala. Make sure you take a look at more photos HERE.

    Exhibition A [More photos HERE]

    Where: Ace Hotel

    Other Details: has entered the brick and mortar world with an exhibition at the Ace featuring works by Terence Koh, Olympia Scarry, Olivier Zahm, and Nate Lowman. Be sure to take a look at pictures HERE.



    Avenue Celebrates New York's 39 Best-Dressed Women[More photos HERE]

    Where: Jimmy at the James Hotel

    Other Details: Peter Davis invited a fashion forward crowd to sip cocktails and celebrate the March issue of Avenue Magazine which names the 39 best dressed women in New York. All of the guests certainly put on their best for the occasion. For more details go HERE and don't forget to take a look at the pics HERE.


    Rodale Inc. and Oceana celebrate Ted Danson's first book OCEANA

    Where: Le Bain

    Who Was There: Ted Danson, Calvin Klein,  Maria Rodale, Zach Galifianakis, Mary Steenburge, Kate Danson, Katrina Danson, Alison Pill

    Other Details: Ted Danson. Ted Danson!  He's like, into the ocean.  He's also pretty sure that within the next 100 years or so there will be no more seafood except for jellyfish. "Seafood." This is why you should care. Zach Galifianakis hit the party in an Etsy boyfriend beanie and told Page Six that he's now due on-set to do shoots for "The Hangover Part II" and needs to cut his hair by call time thus explaining the odd sartorial choice. [Via]

    BARNEYS NEW YORK Hosts Designers KATIE HOLMES + JEANNE YANG to Preview HOLMES + YANG Fall 2011 Collection

    Where: Barneys New York

    Who Was There: Katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang, Simon Doonan, Desiree Gruber, Joanna Hillman, Mark Lee, Emanuele Carminati, Daniella Vitale, Desiree Gruber, Lizzie Tisch

    Other Details: Katie Holmes graced the hallowed halls of Barney's to promote her new line Holmes & Yang with Jeanne Yang. From an interview with NY Mag:

    Holmes says she sews "aprons for the girls, pillows, tablecloths, baby clothes, Barbie clothes." Yang interjects, "Oh, stuffed animal clothes ... And then it came down to, why don’t we make some stuff for us?" "A human store!" says Katie.

    Insert your own Scientology/Tom Cruise joke. [Via]

    JOE ZEE Hosts the ALDO x Julian Louie Launch Party

    Where: ALDO Soho

    Who Was There: Joe Zee, Julian Louie, Emilie Jean, Dasha Khapalova, Mary Nelson Sinclair, Casey Freemont, Rachel Winston, Andrew Mukamal, Jasmine Snow

    Other Details: Julian Louie's tribal patterned line of shoes for Aldo finally dropped last night along with the help of Elle's Joe Zee. Guests shopped, sipped on cocktails and tried to work up the courage to ask Zee what Olivia Palermo is really like.

    JACK ROGERS Madison Avenue Store Opening Party

    Where: Jack Rogers, Madison Avenue

    Who Was There: Celerie Kemble, Lauren DuPont, Steven Stolman, Bill Smith, Jennifer Creel, Natalie Kaplan, Carla Barnes, Celerie Kemble, Heidi Bianca, Anna Burke, Pamela Fiori, Renee Rockefeller, Jamie Tisch, Chip Kidd, Christina de Marval

    Other Details: Watch out Tory Burch. Jack Rogers, known for the Navajo sandal, is trying to establish themselves as a lifetsyle brand with a store on Madison Avenue. Next stop: the Hamptons.

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