Last Night's Parties: Lady Gaga's Mom Steps Out, Jake Gyllenhaal Hosts A Dinner Party

by Chiara Atik · October 14, 2010 you think it's pure coincidence that Waris Ahluwalia, who arguably threw the biggest party of the night, planned his little soiree on the same night of his ex-girlfriend's movie screening? If we wanted to, we could maybe read into the fact that it was a reading of Madame Bovary, of all things...-

    And did you know that Lady Gaga's mom is very pretty and has an active social life? And do you have any idea what's eating Jake Gyllenhaal these days? These questions and more, in today's party roundup....

    Playboy and House Of Waris Present Madame Bovary

    Where: House Of Waris

    Who Was There: Paz De La Huerta, Yigal Azrouel, Waris Ahluwalia, Serena Merriman, Nina Freudenberger, Nate Lowman, Lauren Remington Platt, Helen Lee Schifter, Jonathan Ames, Carlos Quirarte, Byrdie Bell, Paul Haggis.

    Other Details: Paz De La Huerta read aloud from a newly translated version of Madame Bovary. (How sexy is the picture at left, by the way?) See Full Post Here


    Jake Gyllenhaal's Dinner For Edible Schoolyard

    Where: Craft

    Who Was There: Bette Midler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Fernanda Niven

    Other Details: there something you need to tell us? It's one thing to not want your photograph taken when you sneak into the ballet with a hot brunette, but it's another to avoid the cameras at a charity dinner you yourself are hosting! The elusive Mr.G hid in the back of ONE group photo, and unsmilingly posed for two more. What gives? Baby bump?

    Museum Of The City Of New York's "New York After Dark"

    Where: The Pool Room at The Four Seasons

    Who Was There: Graziano de Boni, Gillian Miniter, Gigi Mortimer, Muffie Potter Aston, Peter Davis, Stephanie La Cava, Tory Burch, Nanette Lepore, lots and lots of Rockefellers

    Other Details: We hope the writers of Gossip Girl attend all these events for story ideas and research purposes, as last night's party was a true Upper East Side affair--down to The Four Seasons

    MyNines And Fashism Shopping Party

    Where: Penthouse, Buckingham Hotel

    Who Was There: Fashion and beauty bloggers, inlcuding Leslie Price Brooke Moreland, Ashley Granata, Chelsa Skees, Erin Carlson, Jennifer Wright. Also Dennis Crowley, closet shopper.

    Other Details: Arriving guests were immediately armed with tequila and sent shopping (smart tactic!). Tables were set up throughout the Penthouse with clothes, accessories, and insane (insane) make-up deals.

    Chiara Clemente's Beginnings

    Where: Crosby Street Hotel

    Who Was There: Chiara Clemente, Cynthia Rowley, Mario Sorrenti, Francesco Clemente, Lynn Yaeger

    Other Details: Chiara's film is actually a series of documentaries about seven New Yorkers. Check out our interview with Chiara here.

    "New York Parties Private Views"

    Where: Bergdorf Goodman

    Who Was There: Alexandra Lebenthal, Amy Fine COllins, Anisha Lakhani, Ben Widdicombe, Bonnie Morrison, Hamish Bowles, Yaz Hernandez

    Other Details: The party was in celebration of socialite Jamee Gregory's new book, which goes inside the apartment of some of the city's most notable hosts.

    "Reconstruction 2.0 Party"

    Where: Louis Vuitton

    Who Was There: Annabelle Vartanian, Dani Stahl, Cynthia Germanotta, Kristian Laliberte, Patricia Field, Zev Eisenberg

    Other Details: A collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Parsons, for which students had to design travel blankets (left).  Did one of those names on the guest list sound vaguely familiar? LADY GAGA'S MOM.

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