Last Night's Parties: M.I.A.'s Free Concert At Brooklyn Bowl, Awkwardness At Swatch Party

by Chiara Atik · October 7, 2010

    Huge crowds in Brooklyn for a free M.I.A. concert, NYC's premiere acting couple step out for the Fair Game premiere, the world's best chefs eating chicken cacciatore sandwiches, and Chris Brown making waves at the Gansevoort Park; here's what you missed in NYC last night...-

    Screening of Fair Game, hosted by Giorgio Armani and The Cinema Society

    Where: MoMA, after party at Giorgio Armani restaurant

    Who Was There: Naomi Watts, Valerie Palme, Roberta Armani, Anthony Mackie, Christie Brinkley, Dan Abrams, Genevieve Jones, Fernanda Motta, Fern Mallis, Katie Couric, Katie Lee, Liev Schreiber, Ben Watts, Richard Johnson, Sessa von Richthofen, James Lipton, Tamara Mellon

    Other Details: Sean Penn wasn't there, but Naomi and Liev, New York's premiere acting couple (that's safe to say, right? Who else would it be?) attended both the screening and the after party, which was held at the Ristorante Armani on Fifth Avenue.

    [Image via HuffPo]




    The Michelin Dining Guide NYC Launch

    Where: The Wooly

    Who Was There: Daniel Boulud , Lockhart Steele, Jean-Luc Naret, Eric Ripert, Anita Lo

    Other Details: 10 New York restaurants earned Michelin stars this past year, including The Breslin, Marea, and Cafe Boulud. Chicken cacciatore sandwiches were served to the guests, and Reggie Watts played.

    Swatch Party For "New Gents Collection"

    Where: Gansevoort Park

    Who Was There: Chris Brown, Billy The Artist, Caitlin Moe, Nikki Reed, Kelly Rutherford, Rachel Heller, Richie Rich, Susan Sarandon

    Other Details: It's a weird world, where Oscar winner Susan Sarandon attends a party with Kim G from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Apparently, things got a little awkward when Rihanna started playing in the background (you know....Chris brown....kinda beat her to a pulp...awwwk-warrrrd...), but besides that partygoers were generally happy with how the night turned out. [Photo via]

    M.I.A. Free Concert

    Where: Brooklyn Bowl

    Who Was There: M.I.A., Rye Rye, and a couple hundred of the seemingly thousands of people who lined up outside starting at 7 pm.

    Other Details: Free concerts=pandemonium, and sure enough, the cops were called to Williamsburg to do crowd control, though apparently things stayed very civil. M.I.A. came on at midnight and killed it, which is nice since her show in Boston on Tuesday wasn't so well-received....






    The line outside...

    [Photos via Brooklyn Vegan]