Last Night's Parties: Robert DeNiro Screens New Movie, Tina Fey Snuggles Up To A Bunny

by Mara Siegler · March 9, 2011

    Bradley Cooper proved he's not just the dude from The Hangover, famous moms hit FAO Schwartz, the art elite previewed Glenn Lignon's exhibit at the Whitney and much much more! Take a look at what happened last night.

    DeLeón Tequila presents the NY Premiere of Relativity Media's LIMITLESS Red-Carpet Arrivals and After-Party

    Where: Regal Union Square and Buddakan

    Who Was There: Abbie Cornish, Bradley Cooper, Damaris Lewis, Justin Long, Deidre Nesteruk, Sir Richard Branson, Robert DeNiro, Grace Hightower, Rachel Roy, Russell Simmons, TV Carpio, Allison Brod, James Lipton, Jason Bateman

    Other Details: Everyone was out last night to support Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper and their new flick Limitless. Even the kid from Skins was there! He did not appear to be stoned or selling drugs much to some people's disappointment.  : talked about the sex scene, saying it was "technical," and "easy," respectively. [Via]

    The Society of MSKCC and Brooks Brothers Host the 20th Annual Bunny Hop

    Where: FAO Schwarz

    Who Was There: Tina Fey, Kelly Rutherford, Heather Leeds, Allison Aston, Maria Vialba

    Other Details: Tina Fey has not become a Furry enthusiast.  She's just hung out with a bunny at the annual Bunny Hop.  They were just talking as friends...we think. At the event, which happens annually, kids got a chance attend live animal presentations, magic shows, cupcake decorating, face painting and dress-up areas. [Via]



    Opening Dinner Glenn Ligon: AMERICA

    Where: The Whitney Museum of American Art

    Who Was There: John Pappajohn, Candy Barasch, Glenn Ligon, Edye Broad, Adam Weinberg, Mary Pappajohn, Donna DeSalvo, Jeff Koons, Scott Rothkopf, Leslie Null, Cory Arcangel

    Other Details:To celebrate Glenn Lignon's new exhibit America at the Whitney, the art elite were invited to mingle with the artist, hit the open bar, or head upstairs to see art. Lignon said of the works: “It’s not only about race relations, but about what it means to be a stranger anywhere. How does one break down the barrier between people? It’s a global question, and it probably reflects what I’ve been trying to do — reach out more.” [Via]


    VOGUE and LEVI'S Cocktail to Celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY

    Where: Soho House

    Who Was There: Alba Clemente, Francesco Clemente, Andrea Clemente, Chiara Clemente, Casey Fremont, Anne Rohosy, Gaby Dolceamore, Shane Sigler, Mariko Munro, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Casey Fremont

    Other Details: Vogue & Levis held an event full of inspiring and prominent women, including members of “The Vogue 100,” to celebrate International Women's Day. Levi's showed off their jeans and let women be fitted. I still love Soho House and am pretty sure most people do, but for at least one guest, the event was tainted: " said "Looking over the new line of Levi's jeans at a Vogue Magazine/Levi's jeans fashion show at SoHo house. Heard someone was murdered here." [Via]

    Lincoln Center Institute Annual Gala

    Where: Frederick P. Rose Hall

    Who Was There: Tamar Podell, Scott Noppe-Brandon, Susan Rudin, Susan Patricof, Ann Unterberg, Bill Bernhard, Sade Baderinwa , Joel Klein, Kathy Black, Ann Unterberg, Bryn Schuyler, Nina Freudenberger, Serena Merriman

    Other Details: Patrons of Lincoln Center Institute dug deep into their wallets to attend the ultra-fancy annual gala.  Robert Bernhard, who has been a dedicated member of LCI’s Board for almost 30 years, was honored.