Last Night's Parties: Seth Rogen Poses By A Car, Katie Couric Steps Away From Entering Glee-hab

by Mara Siegler · January 7, 2011

    Ivanka Trump donned her best pearls, fancy people enjoyed Chinese dance at Lincoln Center, Ethan Hawke proved this will not be the winter of his discontent, Garrett Hedlund hung out for "Country Song," and Seth Rogen was in superhero form. What else happened last night?

    The 9th Annual JUNE BRIGGS Awards

    Ivanka TrumpWhere: The Plaza Hotel

    Who Was There: Ivanka Trump, Lonn Trost, Lee Forest,  Anthony Napoli, Tom Farkas, Frank DiLella, Donna Karger, Brad Bass

    Other Details: The awards recognize excellence in the destination management industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, transportation companies and television programs, so it makes sense that Donald Trump's daughter was in attendance. Ivanka mingled with Yankees COO Lonn Trost and Trump SoHo General Manager David Chase at the Plaza Hotel soiree. Shmancy.  [Via]

    Shen Yun Performing Arts opening night reception

    Shen Yun Where: David Koch Theater Lincoln Center

    Who Was There: Ali Edwards, Rich Thomas, Genevieve Bahrenberg, Flo Fulton, Edward Barsamian, Amalia Keramitsis, Genevieve Bahrenberg, Alexandra Lind Rose, Cathryn Bove

    Other Details: Shen Yun Performing Arts, the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company,  hit Lincoln Center last night as part of their world tour. Boutique Director at Chopard, Cathryn Bove, saw the show, exclaiming, " “I saw it two years ago and had to come back, and it was just an amazing evening. I'm most enthralled by the costumes and the women dancing and the way they have such beautiful movements.” [Via]

    Jessica Szohr Revealed As The 2011 SoBe Lifewater Skinsuit Model

    Where: C&C Studios

    Who Was There: Jessica Szohr

    Other Details: Jess can be seen when the steamy photos for SoBe are published as a spread in the upcoming Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition out February 15. "Last year's SoBe Lifewater skinsuit shoot took place on a gorgeous beach; this year's skinsuit shoot in the jungle was still amazing, but a little different. It definitely had an edgy vibe that I loved," she shilled, not forgetting to add, "No matter where you are, it's easy to be tempted and transformed with new SoBe Lifewater with electrolytes." She then drank seven in a row and pumped 50 ton weights to prove how awesome the drink is.*

    * Not true.


    -"BLOOD FROM A STONE" Premiere & After Party

    Chloe SevignyWhere: 404 Tenth Avenue

    Who Was There: Chloe Sevigny, Gordon Clapp, Natasha Lyonne, Billy Crudup, Parker Posey, Emma Tapley, Bart Freundlich, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Ethan Hawke, Frank Whaley, Josh Charles

    Other Details: "Blood from a Stone" is a dark comedy about a working-class family in New Britain, CT. "Travis visits his parents home to check on his brother Matt and his mother, only to find himself sucked into intractable conflicts, and a whole household on the verge of implosion."  Ooohhh, sounds good. Not convinced? Ethan Hawke is in it. It was delayed due to script revisions and is in previews now. Opening night is January 12. [Via]


    -DAVID S. ALLEE'S "DARK DAY" Artist Reception

    Where: Morgan Lehman Gallery

    Who Was There: Jay Lehman, David S. Allee, Sally Morgan Lehman, Gretchen Mol, Richard Mauro, Elizabeth Avedon, Jay Lehman

    Other Details: Allee derived the name and theme of this series from the manner in which he captured the images. In his earlier work, he took images at night with artificial light and extremely long exposures For Dark Day, he did the opposite and shot on bright sunny days with high speeds creating a whole new look to his work. [Via]

    10th Annual New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend - Kevin Spacey & Katie Couric

    Where: Times Center

    Who Was There: Kevin Spacey, Katie Couric, Frank Bruni, Gail Collins

    Other Details: Kevin Spacey opened the festival with the first time slot of the night. He discussed starring as disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff in “Casino Jack” as well as serving as creative director of the Old Vic theater in London. Katie Couric touched on a number of topics in front of the rapt crowd. Not only did she discuss her broadcast career and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but confessed an addiction to Glee. "It raises a lot of issues that are facing adolescents in a really brave way,” she said. “I think it really does teach a lot about tolerance, and I applaud the message it sends...And I need to go to Glee-hab, because I’m really into this show." [Via]

    Roseanne Barr book signing of her book, "Roseannearchy"

    Where: Borders Columbus Circle

    Who Was There: Roseanne Barr, her fans

    Other Details: In between appearing on TV to talk to political pundits and promote herself and planning her run for President, Roseanne stopped by Borders to sign copies of her new book. "I just know this book will be wildly successful and well received because I'm someone who surrounds myself with positive energy and light, someone who doesn't let negative, demoralizing words like failure or disappointment or exercise even begin to creep into her life. I learned an important, valuable lesson years ago, when I used to smoke three or four packs of cigarettes a day: I am no quitter," says the introduction. [Via]


    New York Premiere for THE GREEN HORNET

    Where: AMC 34th St

    Who Was There: Seth Rogen, The Black Beauty Car

    Other Details: According to MSNBC, some superhero purists are very concerned that Seth Rogen will make the film a joke, while others look forward to a humorous take on action film. How it will critically pan out remains to be seen. Directed by the fabulous Michael Gondry, I have a good feeling about it. However, I was a little surprised when Seth showed up next to a real car at last night's premiere. I would have though Gondry would have fashioned him a cardboard one with pipe cleaner and tinsel flowers.  Disappointment comes in so many forms. [Via]

    "Country Strong" New York Screening

    Where: AMC Village 7

    Who Was There: Garrett Hedlund

    Other Details: Gwyneth Paltrow, Leighton Meetser, Tim Graw, um, everyone except Garrett Hedlund were noticably absent from yesterday's "Country Strong" screening. The flick opens in theaters this weekend so this was pretty much the NY premier. Good for Garrett. Also in Tron Legacy, this is his year to take all the attention.  As stated by the rules of the Hollywood Game, next year he will either be jaded or washed up so let's hope he enjoys it.   [Via]