Last Night's Parties: The Cast Of Entourage Celebrates Their Final Season, Crazy Stupid Love Premieres

by Mara Siegler · July 20, 2011

    Jeremy Piven, Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly and the rest of the Entourage cast came out to the Beacon theater for their final season; art lovers took in the new exhibit at the New Museum, Popsugar and Interview partied in separate parts of the Standard Hotel;  Ryan Gosling promoted his new flick and more. Last night's parties looked so good, it was like they were photoshopped.


    Where: Beacon Theater

    Who Was There: Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, A.J. Calloway, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Alex Morgan,  Ally Musika, Bryan Greenberg, Ben Kingsley, Bill Nelson, Ben Rappaport, Chris Bauer, Cheyenne Tozzi, Emmanuelle Chriqui,Jonathan Ames, Mia Moretti, Matthew Modine,  Mark Wahlberg, Rhea Durham, Perry Reeves, Paul Haggis, Selita Ebanks, Vincent Piazza, David Schwimmer, Wladimir Klitschko

    Other Details: The Entourage guys got suited up for the premiere of the final season at Beacon Theater.  I don't watch this (it's over-the-top douchey and objectifying of women, like the male-driven LA version of Sex and the CIty, no?), but are you guys sad it's ending?  The cast appeared on the Today Show earlier where they were asked why this season would be the last. Kevin Connolly joked, "No, we got canceled," and Dillon chimed in, "We'd shoot tomorrow if you let us." [Via]

    World Premiere of CRAZY STUPID LOVE [Take a  look at pics and details HERE!]

    Where: Ziegfeld Theatre

    Who Was There: Marisa Tomei, Julianne Moore, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Nancy Carell, Analeigh Tipton, Crystal Reed, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Kathryn Erb

    Other Details: The stars of Crazy, Stupid, Love hit the carpet at the Ziegfeld followed by a party at Tao. Get more details and take a look at the pics HERE.




    New Museum Members Party and Private Viewing of Ostalgia

    Where: New Museum

    Who Was There: Amanda Carter, Bree Welch, Anne Cassard, Michael Greeson, Jamie Hamilton, Emily Katz, Alice Driver, Ian Driver, Bob Rothstein, Fran Rothstein

    Other Details: Last night the New Museum held a preview of their new exhibit  “Ostalgia,” which brings together the work of more than fifty artists from twenty countries across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics. The title comes from the German word ostalgie, a term that emerged in the 1990s to describe a sense of longing and nostalgia for the era before the collapse of the Communist Bloc. [Via]

    MoMA Previews Talk To Me: Design & The Communication Between People And Objects [Take a look at more photos HERE!]

    Where: MoMa

    Who Was There: Heather Graham, Martha Stewart

    Other Details: MoMA hosted a private party to celebrate Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects. Guests, including Martha Stewart and Heather Graham, viewed the exhibition on the third floor with nearly 200 projects ranging from the micro­scopic to the cosmic. Be sure to take a look at more photos HERE.

    STANDARD SOUNDS and INTERVIEW MAGAZINE present a special live performance by KOUDLAM at The Top of The Standard Hotel

    Where: Top of the Standard

    Who Was There: Terrence Connors, Andre Saraiva, Sean Thomas, Johan Lindeberg, Aaron Young, Laure Heriard Dubreuil, Koudlam, Kipton Cronkite, Annabelle Dexter Jones, Meredith Ostrom

    Other Details: BLK DNM's  Johan Lindeberg and Le Baron's Andre Saraiva hosted last night's edition of Standard Sounds with Interview Magazine. Guests came, they drank, they hung on the roof, and enjoyed a performance by French electronic composer Koudlam. [Via]




    Where: The Standard Hotel

    Who Was There: Andy Gramme, DJ Harley Viera-Newton, Sandi Isaacs, Willow Jarosh, Matt Goodwin, Tamara Fink, Madison Shoop, Jasmine Desai, Mandi Meng, Georgy Searles, Shari Culpepper, Chelsea Stoutenburge, Lindsay Kordik, Stefanie Skinner

    Other Details: Guests came out to The Standard to celebrate PopSugar and gossip about celebs. Harley Viera-Newton DJ'd before hitting Avenue later in the night.  [Via]





    Where: ISAIA Showroom

    Who Was There: Becka Diamond, Gian Luca Isaia, Ashley Vasicek, Andrea Barry, Josh Charles, Carly Stankiewicz, Andrew Black, Kelly Ruland, Andrew Pollard, Mark Burger, Anai Serrano, Elsy Vairick, Carly Stankiewicz, Scott Ruerep, Christy Andrisen, Eva Lorenzotti, Euan Rellie, Sudha Chinniah, Jason Banks, Josh Charles

    Other Details: Becka Diamond spun last night's Isaia party as guests tipped back cucumber drinks and scoped the scene. Tweeted: "At Isaia party. Great clothes. Great looking men in the clothes." [Via]



    The A-LIST NEW YORK Season 2 Premiere Party

    Where: District 36

    Who Was There: David Stefanou, Derek Saathoff, Austin Armacost, Nyasha Zimucha, Mike Ruiz, Megan Sanchez-Warner, Rodiney Santiago, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Steven Weinstock

    Other Details: The strangely addictive show (yes, I watch this but not Entourage), a gay version of the Real Housewives, is back for another season!  What will happen with Reichen and Rodiney????  Will Austin still act like such a bitch? 

    WGIRLS NYC Host First Wine-Pull [Take a look at more photos HERE!]

    Where: Hudson Terrace

    Other Details: Last night the WGIRLS NYC, a nonprofit organization of young professional women, hosted an event at Hudson Terrace to benefit the Sunrise Day Camp (a day camp for children with cancer and their siblings). The event was the organization's first ever Wine-Pull and featured an open bar and a variety of wines from donors such as City Winery, Wine Library, Chelsea Wine Vault, Palaia Vineyards and Tri Wines. Be sure to take a look at more photos HERE.

    Adrien Grenier Julianne Moore Interview Magazine Annabelle Dexter-Jones Kipton Cronkite matthew modine Jeremy Piven Marisa Tomei Andre Saraiva Le Baron Jonah Hill Perry Reeves Kelly Killoren Bensimon Selita Ebanks David Schwimmer DJ Harley Viera-Newton AJ Calloway Euan Rellie Kevin Connolly Mark Wahlberg Emmanuelle Chriqui Becka Diamond Jonathan Ames Johan Lindeberg Ziegfeld Theatre Top of the Standard Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Stefanie Skinner Bryan Greenberg Mia Moretti Ben Kingsley Jerry Ferrara Andrew Black Steve Carell District 36 Ben Rappaport Paul Haggis Vincent Piazza Meredith Ostrom Analeigh Tipton Derek Saathoff Josh Charles Kevin Dillon Reichen Lehmkuhl Wladimir Klitschko beacon theater Mike Ruiz Aaron Young Crystal Reed Laure Heriard Dubreuil Standard Sounds Chris Bauer Nyasha Zimucha Koudlam Andrew "Dice" Clay Alex Morgan Ally Musika Bill Nelson Cheyenne Tozzi Rhea Durham NY PREMIERE OF HBO'S ENTOURAGE SERIES FINALE World Premiere of CRAZY STUPID LOVE Nancy Carell Kathryn Erb New Museum Members Party and Private Viewing of Ostalgia New Museum Members Party and Private Viewing of Ostalgia New Museum Amanda Carter Bree Welch Anne Cassard Michael Greeson Jamie Hamilton Emily Katz Alice Driver Ian Driver Bob Rothstein Fran Rothstein Ostalgia Terrence Connors Sean Thomas KOUDLAM at The Top of The Standard Hotel Andy Gramme Sandi Isaacs Willow Jarosh Matt Goodwin Tamara Fink Madison Shoop Jasmine Desai Mandi Meng Georgy Searles Shari Culpepper Chelsea Stoutenburge Lindsay Kordik POPSUGAR'S SUMMER SOIREE ISAIA Showroom Gian Luca Isaia Ashley Vasicek Andrea Barry Carly Stankiewicz