Last Night's Parties: The French Honor Marc Jacobs, RHONY Ramona Singer Gives Crazy Eyes

by Mara Siegler · December 10, 2010

    The French honored Marc Jacobs with a fancy dinner at The Plaza, a weird mix of celebs hit the opening of Converse's new Soho store, Robert De Niro does not like the cold, but everyone likes Leo Fuchs...what else happened last night?

    Lunch Celebration of "Blue Valentine"

    Derek Cianfrance , Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Faith WladykaWhere: Kimberly Hotel

    Who Was There: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Derek Cianfrance, Albert Maysles, Parker Posey, Michael Stuhlbarg, Robert Wuhl, Julian Schnabel

    Other Details: "Blue Valentine" continues its press tour of screenings and premieres with a luncheon. Have you, your grandma, and your 7 year old cousin spoken  to Mr. Ryan Gosling yet? He's soooo dreamy. So is Michelle Williams. Someone handed her a note that read "M. I love you." Julian Schnabel acted as her protector by holding up his coat to shroud the waif from the mid-day sunlight pouring through the window. [Via]

    Child Mind Institute Benefit Gala

    Where: Cipriani 42nd St.

    Who Was There: Robert De Niro, Elizabeth and Michael Fascitelli, Christine Quinn, Debra Perelman, Gideon Gil, Brooke Garber Neidich, Daniel Neidich, Ruth Westheimer, Judith L. Rapoport, Jerome Kagan, Lisa Perry, Chris Mack, Ronald Perelman, Anna Chapman, Jimmy and Jane Buffett, Jane Rosenthal, Julie Minskoff, Alice Tisch, and Lori and George Hall.

    Other Details: The event honored Jon Corzine. The former NJ Governor was with new wife, Sharon Elghanayan, whose diamond rock was more blinding than the paparazzi flashes. When standing next to Corzine, sex midget Dr. Ruth hardly reached his waist. Robert De Niro came in late, because we're told "It's cold." Better late than never, right?

    Alliance Francaise 2010 Trophee Des Arts

    Where: The Plaza

    Who Was There: Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, Christophe de Margerie, Alexa Chung

    Other Details: It's true what they say about French women: they are all skinny, glowing, and gorgeous. It was these types that filled the room at FIAF's gala honoring Marc Jacobs. A short documentary was shown on the designer, followed by a speech by Anna Wintour, who was either nervous, choked up, or just needed a glass of water. Apparently, the woman is not just a fashion robot. She has emotions. Who knew?  Video, HERE. [Via]

    Converse Celebrates Opening of New Soho Store

    Where: Converse SOHO

    Who Was There: Gabourey Sidibe, Albert Hammond Jr, John Varvatos, Joyce Varvato, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Kate Lanphear, Q-Tip, Adrien Field, AndrewAndrew, Bad Brillance, Cory Kennedy, Sky Ferreira, Cherie Lily

    Other Details: There was an odd variety of guests at the sneaker giant's unveiling of  its largest specialty store. Andrew WK cohorts Cherie Lily and Bad Brilliance hung with former Cobra Snake girlfriend and Internet phenom Cory Kennedy and Precious (based on the novel by Saphire) star Gabourey Sidibe. There was Belvedere, lobster rolls and a performance by darlings Matt and Kim. [Via]

    ACRIA Holiday Benefit Dinner

    ACRIAWhere: Urban Zen Center at the Stephan Weiss Studio

    Who Was There: Scott Sartiano, Allie Rizzo, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Bruce Weber, Nan Bush, Bob Colacello, Calvin Klein, Nicholas Grube, Donna Karan, Russell James, Fabiola Beracasa, Elettra Weidemann

    Other Details: The 15th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner honored Spyros Niarchos and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for their enduring support benefiting AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA). Stylista @ Tweeted "Sitting at the Calvin Klein for ACRIA foundation dinner. Its such a fantastic cause, happy to be here!" [Via]

    Book Parties for "LEO FUCHS"

    Where:Bergdorf Goodman/5 Ninth,

    Who Was There: Alexandre Fuchs, Simon Spurr, Bruce Weber, Nick Wooster, Ben Clawson, Matthew Kraus, Steven Bush, Nando De Carvalho, Blaine Palmer

    Other Details: Both Bergdorf Goodman with Simon Spur and Gawker hosted parties for the launch of "LEO FUCHS: Special Photographer From the Golden Age of Hollywood." [Via]

    La Perla Jean Paul Gaultier Collection Createur

    Where: La Perla Flagship Boutique Madison Ave

    Who Was There: Rachel Roy, Suzy Biszantz, Fern Mallis, Cheryl Casone, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Suzy Biszantz, Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Cantarof, La Jauretsi

    Image in Cart

    Other Details: The new collection includes a wide variety of items: very tight-fitting corsets, high-waist panties that are tight on the sides, and very sexy prominent bustiers. A collab between  Jean Paul Gaultier and La Perla? It's all very early Madonna.  In related news, La Perla is on Gilt Group today! [Via]

    Sony Opening At Willoughby's

    Ramona SingerWhere: Willoughby's

    Who Was There: Nigel Barker, Alexander Dexter-Jones, Emma Snowdon Jones, Jill Zarin, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Simon van Kempen, Alex McCord

    Other Details: We're not entirely sure but we are guessing the evening went something like this: Jill Zarin was all "Where's Bethenny, I'm gonna cut that bitch," to which Kelly Bensimon giggled and shouted "Jelly beans, unicorns!!!" with three exclamation points. Alex McCord gave a mean look and Ramona gave crazy eyes, at which point Nigel Barker stepped in to note, "Tone down the smize." Then they all went home cackling over what a wonderful time they had, except for Ramona who drank a bottle of pinot and pondered her 15 minutes. [Via]

    L'OREAL WOMEN of WORTH Awards Dinner

    Where: Hearst Tower

    Who Was There: Cathie Black, Kerry Washington, Karen Fondu, Giada De Laurentiis, Hoda Kotb, Lisa Edelstein

    Other Details: With over 2,000 nominations from across the country, L’Oreal Paris chose 10 women who truly embody the spirit of volunteerism: the groups consists of passionate, hard working and giving women with charitable programs ranging from health care to hunger to literacy and every heartfelt cause in between. [Via]



    Time Warner Cable Celebrated The Launch of New Signaturehome Suite of Services

    Where: The SignatureHome

    WHo Was There: Nick Cannon, Martha Stewart, Becka Diamond

    Other Details: SignatureHome is Time Warner's newest offering for the domestically inclined. It offers triple play service connecting in-home entertainment, information and technology. [Via]

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