Last Night's Parties: Why Was Jake Gyllenhaal So Shady At The New York City Ballet?

by Chiara Atik · October 8, 2010

    Ah, the New York City Ballet gala, one of the most anticipated arts events of the year. The usual suspects were there: SJP, Natalie Portman, Fe Fendi...Jake Gyllenhaal? Strange things happening in New York last night...=

    The New York City Ballet Fall Gala

    Where: Lincoln Center

    Who Was There: Natalie Portman (looking, for the first time ever perhaps, kind of a mess), Candace Bushnell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Settle, Fe Fendi, Francesco Clemente, Jake Gyllenhaal

    Other Details: Sarah Jessica Parker has been a longtime supporter of the New York City Ballet, and has gone to their events in the past. This year she was elected board member. She showed up in Halston. Natalie Portman was there with her super-hot choreographer boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied. Jake Gyllenhaal was there too, weirdly, briefly, and with a backpack. He refused to take pictures, and his presence was surprising to everyone--we know he's friendly with Natalie, so maybe something to do with her? But, really, the most important question: what was he doing with a backpack at a black tie gala?



    Time Stands Still Opening Night

    Where: Cort Theater

    Who Was There: Christina Ricci, Al Roker, Deborah Roberts, Laura Linney, Brian D'Arcy James, Ivana Trump

    Other Details: Christina Ricci made her Broadway debut, replacing Alicia Silverstone in the play, which got a rave review in the New York Times this morning.

    [Photo: NY Times]



    30 Portraits in 30 Days Opening

    Where: The National Arts Club

    Who Was There: Daniel Merriweather, Richard Klein, Fern Mallis

    Other Details: As we reported earlier, Vincent Fantauzzo has been painting huge, realistic portraits of NYC people, including Mark Ronson, Nur Khan, and Jared Eng (pictured left). Each portrait is completed in one day, and he did 30 in a row--pretty impressive. Tonight, Baz Luhrman is throwing him an intimate, 30 person bash at the Ace Hotel with Q-Tip.