Be A Political Party Animal!


    It's October, and we are in the homestretch of the election season. As we've said before, it's important that we all get out and vote, in the Presidential race, but also in the Congressional and other local races. There are questions to be asked, and answered, by our elected officials, whatever their political stripe. There are opportunities all over the city to get your vote on and your party on.

    Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century will be hosting a VP debate party at Tonic. Doors Open at 7pm; admission is free for members, $10-non-members. RSVP here.

    The NYC Young Republicans will be meeting up at Jake's Saloon 9th Ave. at 8pm. RSVP here.

    Generation Obama is hosting a series of debate watching parties at Mansion. Admission is free and there is a one drink minimum.

    The Tribeca Grand is hosting the VP debate on their Grand Screen RSVP here.

    Our sometime punching bag Emily Brill is hosting a debate party too! We may just go...

    Throughout the month of October, customers at Village Pourhouse, SideBAR, Vintage Irving and The Big Easy will be given 10% off their total check, if they register to vote (Rock the Vote is sponsoring). Additionally, if patrons show a current voters registration card, they will also be given 10% off their check. The bars will serve themed red and blue drinks and candidate inspired cocktails such as the Obama Mama and the McCallans McCain, with debate parties, and a grand finale party on Election Day.

    [Vote For Change Or At Least Reserve Your Option To]