"Birth Comptrol" For Councilwoman Melinda Katz?

by AMANDA MELILLO · April 7, 2008

    melinda katzNew Yorkers have probably been hearing a little too much about our politicians lately, from male politicians hiring hookers or engaging in extramarital affairs, and female politicians scamming millions in tax dollars to stash for personal favor payment later (looking at you, Christine Quinn). My thoughts on politicians and their personal lives are these: I don't care what you do in your spare time. I don't care if you sleep with everyone in New York. That's your business. Just don't use my money to pay for your indiscretions, because I'm a recent college grad and I don't have a campaign slush fund to underwrite my lifestyle. So I tended to think the Post oversold it with their front-page exclusive today: "Birth Comptrol: Unmarried candidate's in-vitro shock," about City Councilwomen Melinda Katz using medical means to get pregnant to be a single mother.

    The 42-year-old unmarried politician, who is a candidate for city comptroller, decided that even though she never met the man that she wanted to marry, she really wanted to be a mother and the time is now. She would not reveal the identities of the donors, since it's a private issue, and stressed that it's a life decision rather than a political one. At a time when politics seem to center around an antiquated definition of "family values" and the press is all up in your business, good for you, Ms. Katz, for making a choice that is right for you personally even if it does score some over-the-top tabloid headlines.

    Note to America: It's time to move into the 21st century. The family model isn't what it was 100 years ago, and whether or not you come from a two-parent, husband-and-wife home, the best family values to have are stability and support. So what if she's unmarried? So what if she conceived through in-vitro fertilization? Isn't part of the beauty of women's movements that women can make their own choices, whether to get married or stay single, to remain childless or to be a mother, with or without a husband?