CNN Invites Facebook To Their Inauguration Party

by KENDRA SEAY · January 13, 2009

    Facebook was a busy place during and following this year's election, as everyone with an account raced to their computers to refresh their status updates to match the latest news. And, with January 20th almost here, there is little doubt that Facebook will remain a relevant source of news especially for youth groups. CNN has caught the Facebook bug as well.  The network's website is throwing a little party with Facebook, via the web of course, giving all of us Facebookers a way to stay connected with friends and their Inauguration adventures while simultaneously tuning in to coverage of the new Prez on his big night. Updating one's Facebook page is serious business for some, so CNN befriending Facebook is sure to be a hit with thousands guests expected to attend this social web extravaganza. If staying in next Tuesday instead of hitting up the Inauguration Parties is your bag, then your computer might be the place to be. Of course there are a few who might be slightly dissapointed that no one teamed up with Twittr (ahem... Julia Allison and perhaps Party Pants as well).