Donald Trump Jr. Celebrates His Divorce By... Buying A Gun?

by Millie Moore · March 28, 2018

    Everyone goes through a weird phase after a breakup. Some of us go from brunette to blonde, some of us go from blonde to brunette. Some of us get ill advised tattoos (looking at you, Ben Affleck!), whereas some of us get ill advised tattoos removed (do you think we really forgot about your "Winona Forever" tat, Johnny Depp?). Some of us ride a merry go round of random D, while some of us stay holed up in our apartments for months, and the only guy we talk to is the DoorDash delivery dude. 

    Donald Trump Jr., on the other hand, gets a license to carry a concealed weapon. LOL what #MarchForOurLives protest?

    Word is that DJT got a gun license in Pennsylvania. Here's a fun fact for you: in New York (you know, where he lives...), you're required share your tax returns in order to obtain a license to own a gun. Kind of strange that daddy dearest is more than willing to let it all hang out on Twitter but no one in his family will share their tax returns, huh? Anyways, Donald Jr. got his license in Lackawanna County, so he either really, really doesn't wanna share his tax returns, or he wants to become Lackawanna Sheriff's Deputy with Dwight Schrute from The Office

    Word is that Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric own a 171 acre property so that they can go shooting. People who live nearby say that the Trump brothers' property "sounds like a war zone” because of all the shooting going on. That's totally normal.

    Also, check out his incredibly not-obnoxious-at-all gun holster.

    Range time. #shooting #2a #weekend

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