Hillary Clinton IS Tracy Flick From "Election"

by guestofaguest · January 16, 2008


    [Photo from NY Mag]

    This is the funniest thing we have seen all week.  YOU MUST stop what you are doing. Right NOW and head here.  Slate V put up the best video we've ever seen, contrary to Daily Intel's opinion.  Remember that awesome movie Election where Reese Witherspoon plays some over hyped, A-personality, anal retentive bitch?  She was a student in some weird Omaha high school and each day showed up in a new patterned sweater vest special from The Limited.  She made "Pick Flick" buttons, and just hated it when the cute popular athlete was going to jeopardize her chance of winning class president, a position she had spent her LIFE working on.  NY Mag points out some of the similarities in the two:

    (On Tracy Flick): "She's blonde, she's driven, she's oddly sexless (even as she is sexualized by others), she's competitive and ruthless, and sometimes you wonder whether she has the emotions of normal people."

    Also, even their voices and outfits are matching.  Now we no longer need to wonder what ever happened to our favorite little high schooler.  She's all grown up and ready to take over the world.