Kevin Powell Wants To Move On


    Kevin Powell at Junior\'sKevin Powell, Congressional candidate for the 10th District in Brooklyn, gathered reporters at Junior’s Restaurant this morning to talk over breakfast, and address a recent column in the Daily News that brought up his acknowledged violent past, a past he swears is behind him.  A product of a less than stellar childhood, Powell has talked about how he has grown (with, he admits, lots of help), how he has been dedicated to change within himself, but also through advocating non-violence in others, in Brooklyn, across the country, and across the world.

    Powell brings many years as a community leader, political activist, and nationally celebrated author to the table in this race.  GofG is not usually a political pundit, but we do hope that this political contest can move on to the issues at hand, and that a bright young leader will be allowed to present his ideas to the voters without having to constantly address his past, when he has shown, to smarter people than us (Gloria Steinem, Eric Dyson, Susan L. Taylor and others) that he has reformed himself.

    By Chris Confessore

    [Kevin Powell is for the People]

    [Photo via The Brooklyn Paper]