Mayor, Stop Phunking With Our Hearts

by guestofaguest · January 10, 2008


    [Photo from the NY Post]

    Today's article in the Post titled "Stop Toying, Mr. Mayor" reminds us how fragile our emotions are when it comes to all things Bloomberg.  (Cue Fergie's "Don't Phunk with My Heart" song now).  His aides keep telling us yes, while he keeps responding no...while on route to high-profile political events all over the country.  Well, Bloomberg is no idiot people, he's just getting a feel for his ratings before he forks over a small fortune (though nothing for him) for a presidental run.  It's public knowledge that deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey has spent most of the past year laying the groundwork for a Bloomberg White House run, now pollster Doug Schoen tips the Post that Sheekey is undertaking a two-month study of the mayor's chances in November. WHOOHOO! But will New Yorkers allow it?

    It seems that we are a selfish breed.  A poll released yesterday showed that residents of NY "overwhelmingly approve of the the job he's doing as mayor and even think he would be a good president".  But 58% wouldn't vote for him.  Why? They think he has a "moral obligation" to fill out his term as mayor of course, which runs through 2008.  Oh come on, let him run! Will he or won't he?  That is the question on everyone's mind here in Manhattan today.  If he does, does he have a shot?  Are we willing to share our beloved Bloomberg for the sake of the country?  These are all questions that need to be answered, and soon.  We DO, after all, have our own decision to make over here on who's team we're on. ATTENTION!: Today is the LAST  day to mail in your registration to vote in the February primaries!! You know, if you're dying to take part in the battle for "CHANGE".