More NYC Socials Thoughts On The Election Results

by Rachelle Hruska · November 7, 2008

    Want to know what your favorite NYC Social thought of this week's election results? We have been on the phone, on facebook, and email all week to get some of our favorite "guests" reactions.  We have added several additions and will be continuing to as we get so make sure and check back! Some recent additions: Go HERE for the full list!

    Douglas Marshall: "Was Palin planning on living in the whitehouse or was she going to dock her trailor in the back yard of the WH"

    Paul Johnson Calderon: "I am very proud that we have come together as a country in support of change. Isn't it just a miracle to be a part of this generation? Although we aren't progressing at the speed of light, this is a definite start. Thank the good lord that awful backwoods beauty queen isn't going to be anywhere near the white house!"

    Nick Raynes: "I think that the election results will represent a positive change in our country and peoples attitudes. I am proud to have Barack Obama as our president and this marks a very historic and monumental time for the American people."

    Kristian Laliberte: "When we were watching the "Yes We Can" speech after Obama took to the stage, someone at the small election night party I attended remarked, "this is something our kids will have to learn in 5th grade." I could hear the screams of joy all down Houston and despite my 101 fever I ran out with my friends to an impromptu post-election rally on Ludlow and felt like I was part of history. My only pressing concern is the unbelievable fact that Proposition 8 may indeed be made into law. While there are many votes still uncounted, I have goose bumps thinking about the incredible hate and bigotry that still thrives in pockets of our amazing country. I am all for allowing people the right to their opinion, but I cannot countenance enshrined discrimination into CA's constitution. Everyone should be able to realize their hopes and dreams and marry the person they love. It blows my mind that the Church of Latter-Day Saints continues to spend millions of dollars to try and make me a second class citizen. After carefully reading their tenants, I think that poverty, homelessness, and anti-genocide should benefit from the spirit of "Mormon Charity" NOT my right to "be" with the person I love. Obama has broke a huge barrier yesterday. Let us not forget that there are still more leaps to be made in the fight for equality. One day very soon I hope to be able to marry the person I love right here in New York City."

    Nur Khan: "I'm thrilled with the election results. This is a beautiful moment in history !! Not only for America, but for nations around the world. It will changes the way America is perceived on from a global standpoint. We're looking at a new world leader...."

    Kerry Cassidy: "Well, I don't know that I have anything that controversial to say; obviously the election did not turn out the way I would've liked. I believe McCain was the more experienced candidate and the better choice for president. I did not, however, completely agree with his choice for VP. Regardless of how I feel, the president has been chosen , and like my dad said before the results were in "whoever wins, they will still be our president". I never appreciated people that spoke out against Bush the whole time he was in office, its important to have an opinion and to stand behind that, but there comes a time when we must unify and stand strong as one country under the flag, we are all standing on the same soil.Also, I really cannot stand it when people say that a certain outcome will cause them to leave the country.. everyone that said that during the Bush administration is still here, please, if you are so outraged, pack your bags. Ill believe some change when I see it."

    Eli Mizrahi: "I'm not a big fan of the president-elect however I love his confidence. I'm just looking forward to see what the new term brings."

    Abigail Lorick: "I am currently working on Fall 09 in India; so honestly I feel a bit disconnected from the election. Of course I voted before I left. Everyone here in India is so excited about Obama's victory. I think the whole world is happy with the election results. I have gotten multiple emails from friends and family in the U.S. commenting on the energy shift in the country. They say it feels lighter, more positive, and truly represents how far our country has grown. I am personally so excited. I think this change is just what we need. I am thrilled."