See Ya Later Alligators

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 31, 2008


    [Photo from the NY Times]

    Yesterday, presidential candidates Rudolph W. Giuliani (Repubican) and John Edwards (Democrat) dropped out of the race. Rudy will now be lending his support to John McCain (the two are pictured above....doesn't McCain look super excited? ha). Edwards will now lend his support to Obama, the candidate that has served as inspiration for New Yorker Pete Weiss who's been singing his heart out for the candidate in Union Sqare. Weiss tells NY Mag that:

    "He just makes me want to sing,"

    union sq

    [Photo via NY Mag]

    He has been playing his accordion and singing what he describes as "gut check" songs, like "This Land Is Your Land," "You are My Sunshine," and "Country Roads," for MTA riders...proving that you don't have to be wealthy to support your candidate...I may vote for the guy based solely on the quality of this man's song selection.