So, Should You Delete Uber?

by Christie Grimm · January 30, 2017

    Surely, by now, you've seen something along the lines of the below show up in your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed.

    Well, seriously seriously not cool, Uber. It really doesn't get much more insensitive and opportunistic than that. But, should you really delete your Uber account?

    We say yes. While getting yourself out to march might be a bit more of an effort than you can make, deleting your Uber account could not be an easier way to take a stand. And it's not as if doing so will leave you stranded.

    Uber's not exactly the only car in town. There's Lyft, Get, Via, Juno - most of which are often cheaper than Uber. And can we not forget that there is still a city of yellow cabs driving around just waiting to pick you up?

    [Photos via @derekblasberg@dreelouisehemingway]