Take a Look at Your Republican Caucus Winner

by guestofaguest · January 4, 2008

    the huckabees

    [Mike Huckabee with Family, Photo from Gawker]

    Mike Huckabee and Mike Bloomberg may have the same first names, but that's pretty much all they have in common. Perhaps their most blatant difference is their opinions regarding health. Bloomberg is a huge proponent of healthy citizens, first trying to implement that all NYC restuarants provide their nutritional facts to their patrons, then making more healthy food carts available in high need neighborhoods.

    Mike Huckabee on the other hand, is into his "Faith. Family. Freedom." shit....and now we see you can add "Fat." to that list. We were going to feel bad about this, but just look at them. This is why Non-Americans have such poor opinions of Americans. Remember that he doesn't believe in Evolution (don't know how much we can stress that fact). And yet folks, this is your winner of the Iowan Caucus for the Republicans. Since the picture above sent a whirlwind of not so nice things spinning in our heads that we probably shouldn't put into print, we will just post some of our favorites from the Gawker commentors:

    BY LOOKER AT 10:25 AM That looks like a Wal-Mart advertisement. My apologies to Wal-Mart.

    BY KJC9 AT 10:25 AM Think his sons need to lay off the Jesus Wafers at communion. Who knew the body of Christ was so carb heavy

    BY TAMMANY_FALL AT 10:26 AM Wow. Talk about Gross National Products

    BY THEHONJUDGESMAILS AT 10:28 AM If this guy wins the presidency, who's going to staff the local Shoney's?

    BY OGIRI W SURIE AT 10:30 AM So that's what happens when the barbershop quartet tour bus crashes into a Sears portrait studio...

    We know, we know, we're going straight to hell...