The Obama Beer Tour Takes On The LES

by THERESA WON · June 19, 2008

    obama beer tourSo, it looks like as of right now the Democrats might have a leg up in fun-ness. The “Barack Crawl” is taking place in the East Village--$20 dollar donation gives you two free drink tickets, a button, and a slew of drink deals. The event starts tonight from 7-8PM at D.B.A. then travels to Arrow Bar to Ace Bar to Mama’s Bar. Now, technically in the group your supposed to raise awareness of the campaign, but it also says you can raise merriment, so stick to whichever end you feel more comfortable with.

    I have my reservations about this event, mainly because I myself would be put on the donor list for a political campaign purely because I wanted a deal on after work drinks (even though doing the math, it looks like I’d probably only break even…but hey, free button!). On the other hand, there’s the high potential of getting stuck talking to the drunk guy who will try to spin concepts from freshman year Poli Sci class into his own thoughts. My advise? If you’re an Obama supporter, go for it. You’ll have a good time. If you’re on the fence, just stick to one bar on the crawl. If you’re a McCain supporter or still reeling from the Hillary loss, best to stick to your regular Thursday night bar where buttons are contained to that one activist kid’s backpack in the corner.