The Presidential Address As Explained Via Tumblr:

by Rachelle Hruska · February 25, 2009

    Joe BidenFrom: "Your Daily Dose of Joy": Hey Tumblrs! Now I could go to to get Obama’s speech and write a letter to the Republican National Committee to get a transcript of Jindal’s speech. That would be what a responsible citizen would do. But thanks to you, Tumblrs, I dont need to be a responsible citizen! You’ve already blogged about the speech and told me exactly how I should feel about it:

    The Speech made America love Barack Obama even more than they already did. And I LOVED IT.

    Joe Biden was in Dick Cheney’s former chair. Related: “Nobody messes with Joe.” And I started to get the feeling that my friends and I were playing dress up and this was all a miraculous dream.

    Michelle Obama hugged a girl from South Carolina. And I got really excited for Meredith. And for freedom. Obvs.

    0 Comments. And I got a little gooey inside.

    0 Comments 0 Comments And I did not like it.

    David Brooks has a saucy side. And I liiiiiiiiked it.

    Bobby Jindal reminds us of Kenneth the Page. And I’m a little weirded out by it. As is everyone on twitter.

    Bobby Jindal doesn’t pronounce “nuclear” properly. And I starting twitching.

    Fox News freaked out a smidgen. And I felt both a lack of surprise and a little bit of pity.

    Nate Silver said something really funny. And I wanted to make out with him EVEN MORE.

    Oh, and apparently the world is still so broken that not even the deepest concentration of Hope and Change is going to be an automatic fix. But Barack Obama speaks to us like we actually understand basic sentence construction so all is not lost. Additionally, I think I finally understand what its like to be on the receiving end of Republican talking points! Keep on, keeping on, Tumblrs!