Oh, Good, Donald Trump Jr. Shared A Pornhub Meme Of His Dad

by Millie Moore · March 27, 2019

    Two things I love more than anything in this world: tanning, and Pornhub. Who would've thought that Donald Trump Jr. and I share the same passions?

    Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite part of the Internet is 1000% the Pornhub comment section. I've always thought it was beautiful that men cheered on Rock of Love rejects who are bleached blonde to match their bleached nether-regions, but honestly there's so much more to the comment section than that. Between sharing hacks on how to make lasagna to giving advice to a guy about what to buy his niece for her 12th birthday, the Pornhub comments section is the warmest of online communities. 

    But, obviously, the comments section isn't the only thing I live for. It's also the memes. Pornhub memes are like, the funniest memes out there along with You've Got No Male's content. Then again, I think Pornhub's memes are more tame than You've Got No Male's. 

    So it was a very literal kick to my hypothetical d*ck when I found out that Donald Trump Jr. loves Pornhub memes too. Albeit, ones about his father (there are too many things to unpack there). In fact, he loves them so much he just "had to" post one to his Instagram story this week, sharing it with his 1.7 million "conservative" followers. That kind of explicit oversharing on a public forum is so inappropriate and offensive to me, largely because explicit oversharing on a public forum is also one of my favorite things, and I don't really want to have that many hobbies in common with Trump Jr.

    Then again, I think this ups DTJ's cool factor way more than Marco Rubio pretending to like electronic music or Hillary Clinton going on Broad City because it's way less try-hard. I truly believe that this guy loves Pornhub memes. And for once, I am so happy to see the Trump fam not put on a front that they're these upstanding members of society who aren't totally depraved. Sure, posting a Pornhub meme isn't nearly as bad as soliciting sex from porn stars while married, embezzlement, treason, etc. Instead, it's a likable kind of depravity that I respect.

    Nevertheless, I don't want to see Donald Trump Jr. at Sugared + Bronzed anytime soon. I really don't want my sacred space invaded by someone whose family I make incest jokes about.

    [Photos via @donaldtrumpjr]