Pop-Up Party: A Night Full Of Surprises On Avenue A

by Chiara Atik · August 4, 2010

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    New Yorkers are, notoriously, commitment-phobes. With so many options available to us, why settle down with just one thing? For example, we started our Pop-Up Party at Drop Off Service, got antsy, and started walking down Avenue A to see what we'd find. Guess what we found, guys? The Gawker TV Trivia Party! Big Buck Hunter! Unlimited Bud Light for $7! Swing Dancing?-

    Drop Off Service was a little dead for a Tuesday Night (though we hear they're throwing a party on Sunday Night...), so we went forth into the night. Destination Bar looked pretty happening; maybe this would be a fun place for a pop-up party? And standing outside was....Richard Blakeley! How random!

    We asked to take his picture, he agreed, and before we knew it he had instantly amassed a group of people who didn't seem at ALL surprised to have their picture taken for Guest of a Guest. These guys were photo ready.

    Picture snapped, we were heading inside when Blakeley asked,

    "Are you going to be the one writing this up for Guest of a Guest?"


    "Do you have any questions for me?"


    "You know everything you need to know?"

    How....oddly helpful of him? But yes, we assured him we were fine, but thanks? and stepped into the bar, right into:

    Gawker TV Trivia Night, right about to announce the winners. Awesome. Our photographer would have been happy to shoot there all night (great crowd!), but seeing as the party was already well under-way, we snapped a few pictures and headed out in search of still greener pastures.

    Finally, we ended up at Doc Holliday's, where we found unlimited Bud Light for $7, tons of people, and best of all, Big Buck Hunter.

    Oh, so sorry for interrupting.

    Oh, and one more thing...

    Do you guys know who these two are? They LOOKED like normal bar patrons, until someone put "Rockin Robin" on the jukebox around midnight, and they broke out into the craziest, completely choreographed swing dance ever. In the middle of Doc Holliday's. Right next to the pool table. The whole bar watched and clapped, and then just like that, it was over. Like a scene from Swing Kids.

    Great night, guys. Great night.

    If you missed our last pop-up party, be sure to catch us tonight! We're headed to Brother Jimmy's in Murray Hill....Oh, boy.

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