Gourmet Peking Duck Sandwiches...For A Fraction Of The Price

by JACQUELINE CHANCER · June 27, 2008

    Peking DuckSo everyone knows about Flushing, Queens, aka little Asia (well at least in my mind). If you think Chinatown is like stepping into a foreign country, you haven't been to Flushing yet. If the traffic, loud chatter in foreign tongues and colorful signs with unrecognizable characters didn't clue you in as soon as you stepped off the 7 train at Main Street, I don't know what will.

    It's my favorite place to go for Asian cuisine, whether it's Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Thai (to name a few of the most dominant ethnic eateries). Regardless of the gastronomical choices, I keep heading back to my faithful Peking Duck Sandwich stall on Main Street, directly across from the old Caldor building (now a much needed parking lot).

    It isn't very big, if you blink you'll probably miss it, but this little place is a gem. If that glazed duck in the picture doesn't entice you, then you must be a vegetarian. At $0.75 a pop, this woman (as shown) serves up sliced braised duck in a softly steamed rice bread wrapper, complete with sliced cucumbers and sweet hoisin sauce. It's the Chinese version of a taco, and you know how I love tacos.