Rockaway Beach Is The New Jersey Shore

by Rachelle Hruska · January 28, 2010

    [Somebody PUH-LEASE get these kids a Reality Show!]

    No, really, bear with us: Aesha Waks (left) is from Rockaway Beach. Aesha Waks is engaged to gadabout Liam McMullan. (Photographer Patrick McMullan's son). They are getting married (in Rockaway Beach)? If they resettle there with their model friend Shaun Ross (See him HERE at moment 2:25, and above, smoking) and their sullen-looking hipster friends, they would have a hit on their hands, making Rockaway Beach the new talk of the country.

    MTV, why pay those Jersey Shore kids their ridic payroll demands when you can get this crew for free?

    Bonus: They have a clothing line!

    Also, Liam emailed me the other day to give me a heads up on Aesha's "new mind/body/spirit type advice column."  Go check out her first series of advice giving on HERE.

    A sample;

    Hello, My name is Aesha Waks. I just graduated form NYU with a BS in communications, and I have always wanted to do something with my life that would help people. My friends are always asking me for advice and I figured that since some questions come up time and time again it would be good to have a place people could go for 24 hour advice, and I figured it might as well be found in a place people go everyday anyway (

    All of our emotions and issues stem from our surroundings and as we are all constantly surrounded by the Rich and Famous (If not at a gala then on the cover of a magazine). I felt it necessary to approach these issues from a certain stance. Being both an Actress and a Musician I know that your work schedule can be erratic, but here is something for you, the internet and me! One thing people always ask me is how I got such an amazing perfect Fiancee Liam McMullan, There is no one big thing to tell them, and just like everything else that is good it has to be a labor of love, to really pay off. I do however feel that I can help people with style and fashion advice after being on the Trya banks show with Rachael Zoe for just that. Having been a personal trainer and even winning body building awards even when I shouldn't have been allowed to enter, (after sneaking into a NYPD fitness contest, and winning, then sneaking into Page 6 the next day), I feel that I can help people lose weight and stay fit and healthy. I am also here for anyone with more serious problems that go along with life, If anyone needs a friend or sister to talk to for advice, about living a happy healthy stylish life!

    Romance tip for the day- stay true to what you want, if you want that serious relationship, go for it! Be honest, don't bend to what your significant other wants while compromising your own.

    Style tip- thrift stores are the way to go to save money in mixing it up with your expensive fashion. The next time you have a 10 dollar budget, or just a closet full of things you don't wear, try going to Williamsburg - Beacons Closet or Buffalo Exchange and forgo that forever 21!

    Freinship (sic) advice - better an enemy trying to stab you in the chest rather than the back. Keeping your enemies close may not be the best advice for 2010

    We have many questions for Aesha and will keep you up to date on the answers.