Rose Hartman, Incomparable Women Of Style Opening Reception

by Yumi Matsuo · November 4, 2011

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    Last night, Sabina and Lorraine Belkin of DUO Restaurant & Lounge hosted an after party for the Incomparable Women of Style Exhibition unveiling by photographer Rose Hartman. Guests included Dr. Robert Grant, Michele Gerber Klein, Jullian James, Bernadette Brennan and Jean Shafiroff feted the exhibit in DUO's opulent lounge.

    With over 60 photographs, her collection from 1977-2011 will include rare vintage silver prints developed by Hartman in her home studio, as well as some of her most well-known work reproduced on a large scale.

    [Rose Hartman]

    The exhibition will be on view at FIT from November 4, 2011 through January 20, 2012. This is the first large-scale installation in the library and celebrates Hartman's generous gift of her entire photography archives to FIT.

    [Sabina Belkin, Rose Hartman, Lorraine Belkin]

    [Jullian James, Bernadette Brennan]

    [Rose Hartman]

    [Robert Grant]

    [Sabine Belkin, Lorraine Belkin]

    [Rose Hartman]