Roxanne Lowit's Birthday And Exhibition At Parlor

by Daniel Reynolds · February 24, 2012

    Legendary photographer Roxanne Lowit celebrated her birthday at Parlor, where she exhibited works spanning her illustrious career from its beginnings at Studio 54 to her recent award-winning work with the house of Dior.

    Ever the artist, Ms. Lowit reigned over the proceedings, camera in hand, greeting such illustrious friends as Catherine Malandrino, Edwige Belmore, Joanna Mastroianni, Amanda Lepore, Mick Rock, Anthony Haden-Guest and more. Portraits of Kate Moss and Grace Jones, just a few of the luminaries who have modeled for the artist, looked down upon the crowd, an eclectic mix of models, artists, and revelers, many of them members of the uber-exclusive club, Parlor.

    Ms. Lepore, channeling Marilyn Monroe in a white, hourglass dress, preened in the corner with Kenny Kenny and friends, who began dancing to the delight of the crowd and the flash of cameras.

    Afterward, guests, flutes of champagnes in hand, toasted the birthday and the success of Roxanne Lowit, who after years of photographing stars, has become one herself.

    [Roxanne Lowit, Matt Sass, Hannah Jones]

    [Amanda Lepore] [Mick Rock] [Anthony Haden-Guest]

    [Thedora Sopko, Louis Viner]

    [Joanna Mastroianni]

    [Luke Tricomi, Edward Tricomi]