Japan's Ex-Princess Is Interning At The Met?!

by Guest of A Guest · April 13, 2022

    A modern day fairy tale indeed!

    Former Princess Mako of Japan, now known by her married name Mako Komuro, left the glitz and glam of her royal life behind in November of last year after marrying lawyer Kei Komuro. 

    True love will indeed make you do crazy things - like renounce your title, live as a commoner, and even refuse a $1.3 million pay-out customarily given as a parting gift to royal brides leaving the family. 

    Not that leaving the family is that grand of a gesture! A law established in 1947 decrees that princesses in Japan's Imperial Household must leave the royal family upon marrying a commoner. And with no Japanese princes to marry, what was Mako to do, live a lonely spinster life?

    I mean, she could have at least gone for a guy without a pony tail, but the heart wants what the heart wants!

    No doubt still adjusting to plebeian life in the city, it was recently reported that Mako has take a new, most critical, very New York step in her career, now assisting curators as an unpaid intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

    Hey - everybody's got to start somewhere!

    Remember when Harry and Meghan ran away from the British monarchy in desperate search of a normal life but actually just ended up in a mansion in Montecito signing their lives away to Netflix Kardashian-style for $100 million? Appearing on Oprah and Ellen? Making podcasts?

    Yeah, they did that wrong.

    We don't know about you, but we are so team Mako!

    [Photo via The Met]