Ruffian Launches Threads & Heirs at Ace Hotel

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 24, 2010

    [All photos by Adriel Reboh for PMc] Ruffian, the label beloved by fashionistas like Kate Moss and Kirsten Dunst, launched its Macy menswear line Threads & Heirs last night. Among the attendees were designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, Kristian Laliberte, Luigi Tadini, Timo Weiland, and Whitney Larkin.

    Like Target's GO collection, Threads & Heirs is a mid-priced range from a hip designer. We love Ruffian's women's line at Anthropologie, so the men in the GofG office are super-excited to stop borrowing their lady friends' Ruffian pants and have some Wolk n' Morais-designed duds of their own.




    Brian Wolk, Terry Lundgren, Claude Morais

    Timo Weiland, Kristian Laliberte    Whitney Larkin

    Wayne Stevens, John Huetter, Luigi Tadini

    Claude Morais, Durand Guion, Brian Wolk

    Emerson Barth, Louise Tabbiner, Martin Marks, Christopher Wolf, Irena Shayk, Heidi Lindgren, Jessica White

    Christopher Wolf, Adriel Reboh, Emerson Barth, Derek Hester, David Lipke, Liam Alexander, Carol Han, Paul Abarali

    Mickey Boardman, Chris Constable

    Brian Wolk, Kyle DeWoody, Jonah Fay-Hurvitz, Jean-Paul Beaujard

    Atarah Valentine, Jacob Troy, Anne Cota, Gavin Mcleod

    Chistine Laurent, Peter Dasilvavin

    Giovanni Jelly Jells James, Kaiti Dangerkat