Gentlemen, we need to have a referendum about your sexting game because a vast majority of you are terrible at it. You not-so-smooth operators aren't alone, even the creme de la creme of society have been outed for their terrible sexts. Remember Anthony Weiner's alter ego, Carlos Danger? Or the time J.R. Smith asked a girl if she was "tryna get the pipe or what?" And let's not forget when Kanye West's nudes got leaked of only half his you know what being revealed, and he publicly lamented, “You can’t imagine how disappointed I was that [the rest of my dick] got cut off.” Asking your bros for sexting tips probably won't get you far because chances are they aren't very good at it either. (Do guys even talk to each other about that stuff?) Who better to ask than a girl herself, then? Check out some tips from someone who knows what she's talking about.