Save Darfur and Mia Rose

by guestofaguest · August 16, 2007

    mia rose

    Here's a pic taken Tuesday night at the "Save Darfur" event hosted at Runway. In a nutshell: Lydia Hearst was set to host event, but she got a "fever" from all her travels and so Tinsley Mortimer and Olivia Palmerno were asked to take her place. However, when Tins and Olive found out the other one would be there, they bailed. Par for the course. Anyway, it didn't stop Lauren Conrad, in NYC to promote her hideous "Hills" from stopping by. Here she is with the singer Mia Rose. LC, please, please stay away from Mia. Mia is untainted and "real". And, furthermore, still speaks without saying "like" after every word. She can do so much better than LC and we hope this was just a set up shot. Mia is signed to NextSelection/Universal Records (and is being managed by Tommy Mottola).

    Her single, "Hold Me Now" should be released within the next month or two...