A Not So Noel (Family) Christmas (Card)

by Rachelle Hruska · January 28, 2009

    [Noel Family Xmas card 2005, Photo via Daily Intel]

    No Christmas season is complete without tree lights on Park Avenue, an enormous tree in Rockefeller Center, and of course a Noel Family Christmas card that boasts a tanned extended international family with tons and tons of smallfries.  But this year, although Walter and Monica didn't opt out of the parties (though not entirely without objections), they did break a multiple decades long tradition of family Christmas cards. It must have seemed only appropriate after Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group's $7.5 billion Madoff losses.   A tipster notes:

    We are well into January, and there is no Noel Family Christmas card to speak of.  I have gotten these things from Walter and Monica like clockwork for the past 15 years, often dreading in some ways how they would still look young, skinny, tanned, and act as a foil to my aged self.

    A projection of what the 2008 Christmas card may have looked like after the jump...