A Priviledged Life

by guestofaguest · June 14, 2007

     JCrew...wants to be WASPy.

    First there was the Fifth Avenue store's window display celebrating the "Priviledged Life" of the American WASP:


    Then came the promotion of the book it was all based on:


    Finally sophisticated invitations were mailed out to a select group of highly social WASPs (though many really were Jewish) individuals (including socialgay Kristian Laliberte, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Olivia Palmero, Edward Barsanian, Elizabeth Meigher, Cindi Cook, and Paige Ryan).


    And what did all of the hooplah lead to? The party last night of course:


    ...where vodka and caviar was served and Kristian felt the need to wear his sunglasses indoors.  If this party is any indication of what the "priviledged life" entails, we are beginning to wonder what the unpriviledged have to offer.