A Week In The Life Of Lily Bass, Er, Kelly Rutherford

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 12, 2010

    Erica Karsch, Sara Rotman, Kelly Rutherford, Charlotte Blechman

    Nathalie Kaplan, James Mischka, Kelly RutherfordSara Rotman, Kelly RutherfordHelena Grace Rutherford Giersch, Kelly Rutherford, Heather LeedsMark Badgley, Kelly Rutherford, Iman, Mindy Grossman, James Mischka

    At Erica Karsch's residence yesterday, Kelly Rutherford and fellow socialites, Erica Karsch and Charlotte Blechman, hosted the Loquita launch party. Yet this launch party wasn't the only event Kelly's been to lately, for it's safe to say that she has been in full socializing force this past week. We wonder if she can still see the difference between herself, and her character--Lily Bass. 

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    Benefits, film screenings, clothing line previews, designer launches and cocktail parties are all events Kelly Rutherford has been spotted at this past week. Little miss socialite has attended events practically every day, even doubling up on some dates!

    Could Kelly's steady climb of the social ladder be cognizant of her desperate desire to become Lily Bass, her character on CW's Gossip Girl?! Has the highly esteemed socialite character worn off on Kelly's day-to-day life?

    Lily Bass (also known as Lily van der Woodsen, or Lily Humphrey) is the ultimate New York City socialite. Her wild past, as a "young groupie," has led her to a tumultuous world of lies and deceit. Lily Bass has made major mistakes in her life, and entirely deserves the negative remarks the media makes on her reputation.

    Could someone as innocent as Kelly Rutherford fall to the depths of someone as mysterious as Lily Bass? Are Kelly's past scandals going to emerge anytime soon? In order to determine whether the real Kelly is still there, let's take a look at her past week...

    On Wednesday, March 3, Kelly kicked off her week with three events in one night:

    Early in the evening, Kelly channeled her deep appreciation for art through a VIP press preview of the 2010 Armory Show. What a coincidence it is that Lily Bass has a deep appreciation for art as well! Her Manhattan penthouse is covered in it--she even has an art dealer!

    Kelly Rutherford, Darryl WilsonKelly Rutherford, Darrell Wilson Kelly Rutherford, Darrell Wilson

    Kelly continued the evening with her dear friend, Darrell Wilson, by attending a special screening of the film, The End of The Line. The documentary educated Kelly and Darrell on issues of global warming and the disastrous consequences of fishing.

    Kelly Rutherford, Darrell WilsonCoralie Charriol Paul, Kelly Rutherford Kelly Rutherford, Darrell Wilson, Coralie Charriol Paul

    The Jacob & Co. cocktail party was the third event of the day for this social butterfly--and she used it to drip herself in decadent jewels!

    Kelly RutherfordKelly Rutherford, Angela Arabo Kelly Rutherford, Angela Arabo

    After Kelly had her day's fill of art, film, and jewelry--she took a bit of a break, that is until Tuesday, when she was at it again. We wonder what caused such a break in the socialite's schedule? Could the "Lily Bass" life be too much for Kelly to handle?

    Later in the week, Kelly was back on her game as she attended a fundraiser for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

    Kelly Rutherford, Heather Leeds Kelly Rutherford, Heather Leeds

    To no surprise, this socialite headed to a second event for the night--where she chatted it up with designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka. The event, held at Bottino in Chelsea, celebrated a preview of the designers' latest collection.

    Mark Badgley, Kelly Rutherford, Iman, Mindy Grossman, James Mischka Mark Badgley, Kelly Rutherford, Iman, Mindy Grossman, James Mischka

    Nathalie Kaplan, James Mischka, Kelly Rutherford Nathalie Kaplan, James Mischka, Kelly Rutherford

    Kelly wrapped up her week by hosting the Loquita launch party, a company that designs beautiful silk scarves, at her fellow socialite's home, Erica Karsch.

    We're suprised that Miss Kelly didn't host the event at her own home! Come on, wouldn't Lily Bass do such a thing?!

    Lauren London, Kelly Rutherford, Lizzy Tisch

    Has Kelly Rutherford really transformed into Lily Bass? Or has she just extended her social circle? It may seem like all fun and games now, but we know what happens to those in the socialite realm.

    Kelly might want to watch out for what comes next--we wouldn't want any long lost children or ex-husbands popping up into the mix now, would we?!