Amanda Hearst Celebrates Her 26th Birthday

by Chiara Atik · February 23, 2010

    Amanda HearstA tipster sent us these photos of Amanda Hearst, the beautiful heiress to the Hearst Fortune, celebrating her 26th birthday at Avenue with friends including Luigi Tadini and boyfriend Alejandro Santo Domingo.-

    Amanda, who is also a Marie Claire Contributor, spent much of last week attending Fashion Shows, where she sat front row at Carolina Herrera. Judging by her beaming expression in all these pictures, it looks like she was definitely pleased with the intimate dinner party.

    For pictures from Amanda's birthday party at Norwood last year, go HERE.

    Amanda Hearst, Luigi Tadini Amanda Hearst, Luigi Tadini

    Alejandro Santo Domingo, Amanda HearstAmanda Hearst Alejandro Santo Domingo, Amanda Hearst

    Amanda Hearst