Baby Boom! Welcome Little Miss Mortimer-Gaghan And Mr. Fox Platt!

by ARIEL MOSES · February 4, 2009

    February 2nd, 2009 ended up being the day of baby booming! There are two new sets of parents on the social scene—get ready New YorK!

    Designer Minnie Mortimer and Hollywood hotshot Stephen Gaghan finally had their big day…well, their second! The couple gave birth to an adorable baby girl at 6 pounds, 14 ounces at 19.5 inches. The bicoastal baby was surrounded by some very loved ones, and uncle (and Paper Magazine Editor-at-Large) Peter Davis can definitely be counted in the mix. Peter was elated by the arrival of his niece, making the big announcement via his Facebook status.When I asked how Peter felt about Minnie and Stephen as a couple, he replied,

    "I aspire to be more like Stephen and Minnie every day. I wish I was an Oscar winning surfer who is also the most laid-back guy in the world. And Minnie is a female version of Steve and makes the chicest dresses for girls."

    So, a director dad, a designer mom, editor uncle, oh, and not to mention Tinsley, Topper, and the rest of the crew? We can’t wait to see what this little lady does.

    Meanwhile, a very pregnant Tatiana Platt gave birth on the same day as the littlest Mortimer. Architect du jour Campion Platt was at his wife’s side when the FameGame founder welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Fox Platt. We have yet to get more details, but it looks as though the two are ecstatic and ready to use their nursery. My favorite part of this story is that Tatiana was seen working and exercising through the entire nine months—this is definitely a woman to admire, and I’m sure she will make one amazing mom.

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    Congrats to the happy couples! We can’t wait to see the picture!